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Hortikultura Extravaganza

The country’s major garden show is all set for its staging. This is the Hortikultura Extravaganza, which will be held from Feb.13 to 15 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City under the auspices of the Philippine Horticultural Society headed by Dorie S. Bernabe. Attending garden shows can be rewarding in a number of ways. You can pick up ideas in landscaping from the exhibits. You come to know about the latest varieties of ornamental plants as well as the edible crops that could be grown in the home garden. You can learn new techniques by attending the daily lectures. The garden show has three main features that can be educational. One is the landscape exhibits. Another is the commercial section. And the third is the series of lectures.   LANDSCAPE EXHIBITS Members of …

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Catwalk to the finish line

By Anna Maris Igpit   Two years. Yes, over four decades. I wasn’t even born yet when the Philippines won its last Miss Universe title. And I never expected I would be rejoicing a victory on the said pageant in my lifetime. Not even when I once dreamed to bring home a title myself. But what is really with Filipinos and beauty pageants? How do we benefit from this as a country? A THING FOR BEAUTY I’ve learned in my days as a beauty queen that we inherited this when the Americans colonized us. From then on, even in the smallest communities—barangay, kapilya, or sitio—there has  always been a beauty competition. And now it’s not only the women who compete, but men and members of the LGBT community as well. We get fascinated …

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I miss my old Manila

I’ve lived in Seattle now for over 50 years since leaving Manila in 1962. I’ve thought a lot about my birth city in the last few years, even writing a blog called Manila Nostalgia. I wonder why growing older seems to bring out more nostalgic memories? Perhaps we have more years of dusty accumulations to draw from. My coming of age years were spent in the ‘50s era, first living in the Malate area then moving to San Lorenzo Village in Makati in 1957. OLD MANILA Clockwise from top: Dewey Blvd 1960; Dirty Ice Cream seller 1963; Aristocrat restaurant-50s Memories come flowing to me prompted by photographs, songs, aromas, and even temperature and humidity. When I lived on Remedios as a pre-teen, I would walk just a few blocks west, past the Malate Church and the Aristocrat restaurant, and there stretched before me was the grand Dewey Boulevard—Roxas for you youngsters. There was a large expanse of grass and trees on one side of the road and on …

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This Week in Arts & Culture

VISUAL ARTS The chance to view the winning works of the 6th Colors of Life Students Visual Arts Competition is here. With the theme “Happy and Healthy,” the winning works, are currently on exhibit until Jan. 6, Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at The Dragon Gallery of RCBC Plaza, located at the 2nd flr. of the Yuchengco Museum. The exhibited works are created from watercolor, oil, and acrylic paints by students in grade school, high school, and college levels.           VISUAL ARTS Silverlens presents “Rehearsals for the Wilful,” a solo exhibition by Singaporean artist Genevieve Chua. The last two years have witnessed Chua working on “Unnatural History Drawings,” an umbrella series that explores the system of museological practices in configuring specimens within dioramas. These assortments of objects and visual paradigms …

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The year we become God

There are things in life we have no control of—our surnames, our parents, the station in life we are born into, the country we are born in (and honestly, with all the crap that’s going on in this country, who does not wish they were born and living somewhere else, that they were someone else?) But the wise—the great men of this world—know and have proven, time and again, that it’s not important who we are, what matters is what we become. This year, after six years, we have that chance again, to make a fresh start, to do more and be more. In 2016, we have the power and it’s crucial that we take advantage of that power. Because this time, there is no God handing out the release papers, …

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