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Mayor Duterte asks for updates on infra projects in Davao City

Davao City — Mayor Sara Z. Duterte has asked the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Davao City Water District (DCWD) here for a list of projects and updates on their progress as these have already caused severe traffic congestion in major roads in the city. In an interview with reporters at the Felix Apolinario Naval Camp in Panacan, Duterte said the DPWH and DCWD have “asked for the understanding of Dabawenyos” for the inconvenience that the unfinished projects has caused. Duterte told these agencies to submit a list of projects, target deadlines, including the names of the contractors working on the project. She noted that some of the contractors have admitted to being delayed in their completion targets. According to Duterte, the DCWD has asked for an extension in 2017 …

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The Science of happy

By Isabelle Laureta Last summer, I went on a three-day vacation in Boracay with two of my best girl friends from high school. It was the first time we were traveling that far together and so, despite the tight budget, delayed flight, and the twin-sized bed all three of us had to share, complaining was the last thing on our minds. We spent both of our nights sitting by the shore—our toes played with the white sand as we ate sticks of isaw and downed it with beer in plastic cups we bought from the convenience store. As I said, we were on a tight budget. It might not sound much, but those nights felt like the time of my life. On our second one-liter bottle of beer, I bade goodbye to …

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Through the eyes of a high school student

By Nicole Therese Go Have you ever felt that pang of nostalgia? The feeling of being right where you should be, no matter how embarrassing or cringe-worthy your memories of that place are, because that place was home for your high school life? That feeling still hasn’t sunk in, no matter how many times I’ve been roaming around the campus and saying hellos to the guards. They probably think I’m crazy by now. I could still remember the day I was literally the new frosh in school. It was pretty intimidating, to be frank. Everywhere I walked, every word I said, and even when I was just taking down notes in class, there was one thing I was absolutely positive about: I was being stared at and scrutinized like the new kid in Hollywood, …

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Shared spaces

Up until I was 15, I lived my whole life in Bulacan. That’s why it was such a huge change for me when I had to move to Los Baños for college. At first, the feeling of being free and independent was exhilirating. It felt great, and I welcomed it with open arms. I could go out whenever I wanted to. And no one was waiting up for me so I could stay out no matter how late it got. I could eat whatever I wanted whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My dorm room could be messy and no one was there to scold me about it (except whenever my mom came over to visit, but that would only happen about twice a month, so…). It was the …

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