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Frozen turtles come back to life

Two frozen turtles in ice, which concerned the citizens of China, have now been unfrozen and are still alive. China Xinhua News reported that the "heart-gripped Chinese netizens are finally relieved" after the two frozen turtles have come back to life, January 27, 2016. On January 26, the Mail Online reported that pet owners in China were claiming that their water turtles are trapped in ice as the temperature in their places dropped below zero degrees Celsius, -47 degrees Celsius for some. READ MORE: China raises warning level amid worst cold in decades Most netizens were posting on different Chinese social media platforms photos of their frozen turtles and asking others for advice, the Mail Online said. According to a report by the NBC Learn, researchers discovered in 1988 that turtles, as well as frogs, freeze solid …

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LOOK: Devotees lie in coffin to be cleansed of bad luck

Eyes closed and gripping a bouquet of flowers between his palms, Kriangsak Puangsarn quietly prays before lowering himself into a coffin. As Buddhist monks draw a sheet over the top of the casket, shrouding him in darkness, he undergoes a symbolic death, before the sheet is removed -- and he is reborn. "While I was lying down, I felt as if I had been resurrected once I felt the movement of the cloth," he told AFP. Ever since monks first began performing this ritual in 2008, dozens of people have been coming each day to Wat Ta Kien temple, around an hour from Bangkok, looking for the chance to start again. The ceremony aims to rid participants of bad karma and help reconcile them to the inevitability of death.  "People cannot escape from being born, …

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US zoo names penguin chick ‘Bowie’

A pygmy blue penguin born at a US zoo has been named "Bowie" in honor of British rock star David Bowie who died late Sunday. The Cincinnati Zoo posted a picture on Instagram of the squawking ball of brown fuzz with the caption "Meet Bowie." The blue penguin was born on Bowie's 69th birthday, January 8, and given his name in a tribute to the music legend. With the singer's subsequent death of cancer, shocking fans around the world, the zoo said "the penguin chick's name has since taken on added meaning." "Keepers even played David Bowie music for the chick, (whose) gender won't be confirmed for several weeks," it said.

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