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Picture Perfect

Fashion flair

‘Photography goes beyond all the technical stuff.  It’s about expressing yourself, connecting to your audience, telling a story, and capturing the essence of a person through your camera.’ - Sundae Cruz Carlo Rainier Cruz, known as “Sundae” to colleagues, started his passion for photography in the mid-2000s when his Dad gave him a DSLR camera which he took along with him. His brother, who plays for a big rock band, asked him to document their gig. This was how he fell in love with photography, as he toured around the Philippines with the band. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, Sundae decided to take further training and completed a program at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Here …

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The K-S2

The Pentax K-S2 doesn’t look all that different from most of the other DSLRs out there when you first give it a look. It takes a little time for it to grow on you and then you start appreciating it for what it is. One of the first things you have to realize here is that it’s a weather-sealed number. This is an aspect that should be more important for Filipinos but currently isn’t probably because we all just take it for granted that a camera that’s better protected against the elements would normally cost so much more and not be in the same price range as most other DSLRs. Think about all the street photography you can do without always having to be afraid that your precious camera may be …

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Free photo upscale app

Sometimes you have a small-sized photo that you would want to enlarge or upscale. But upscaling a photograph always means trading resolution for size. If you have Photoshop, it’s “preserve details” scaling can do a pretty good job. But PetaPixel reports that a freeware program called “A Sharper Scaling” can do it even better. The program was developed by Steffen Gerlach, and on his website he compares it to Bicubic Interpolation (BI), BI and sharpening, and Photoshop Preserve Details with noise reduction set to zero. Learn more or download the program at http://a-sharper-scaling.com. The program is only for Windows 7 and up users (PetaPixel). Google’s Android Experiments has come up with a purposely imperfect VR camera app. “Sprayscape” doesn’t simply capture a 360-degree sphere.It creates an unpredictable collage of images.Just point …

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Tips on composition

Text and photos by Cecilia angeles Capture colors The color wheel indicates color contrasts or the colors opposite each other like red and green, orange and blue, violet and yellow. Many green plants bear red flowers, so this is a contrast. They come in dark or light and their respective gradations. A light flower looks more attractive with a dark background, just as a dark subject becomes more noticeable on a light background. The surrounding bears colors, so they are not a serious problem for photographers. Correct exposure and harmony pose the primary consideration. When colors do not show vibrancy, something is wrong with their exposures. It is practical to bracket shots to capture the correct intensities of colors. Capture the personality and character of portrait models A picture tells a thousand words. Looking at …

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A.I. photo fun

Would you trust a robot to judge the quality of your photos? Would the robots’ opinions of your work be easier to accept than criticisms from humans? See for yourself with an online A.I. photo critic and/or with an app for iOS devices that gives your photos an “aesthetic score.” When you upload a photo online to Keegan The Photo Coach (https://keegan.regaind.io), you will receive his comments aimed at improving your skills and also a score. To get a rating (beginner, amateur, enthusiast, semi-pro, professional, legendary) you will have to submit at least 10 photos. The rating is based on your average score. (My 10 random trial photos only got an average score of 6.55, good enough for an enthusiast. But Keegan still believes I can do better!) With 20 photos, …

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Storytelling Prowess in Vivid Imagery and Motion

Canon introduced recently a new addition to its popular EOS 5D series—the EOS 5D Mark IV. Experts from Ori Media from the United States joined the launch in the Philippines to showcase the limitless possibilities of the new weapon of choice for wedding, fashion, landscape, and portrait photography. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV offers professional photographers and filmmakers stellar performance and speed to deliver captivating narratives in both still and video formats. It extends the legacy of the 5D series with improvements on key features found in the popular EOS 5D Mark III, and best-in-class technology and features found in professional EOS models like the EOS 1D X Mark II. Equipped with a 30.4-megapixel, full-frame high-sensitivity sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF for rapid focusing speed, the EOS 5D Mark …

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Nature trip

‘To be able to adapt, understand, and be connected to your subject or subjects, these are the ways to capture great moments.’ - Jose Arjune Orbiso To capture rather than be captured is a guiding principle for Jose Arjune Orbiso, or Siopao to his family and friends, when he started photography during the old film days. “As what one of my mentors said that ‘photographers are chroniclers of time,’ the clicks of the shutter button, rolling of films, the ‘zzzz’ sounds when rewinding the film, those were a true natural high. Running to a local camera shop and buying those disposable underwater film cameras were truly a great picture of how photography was like during those days,” recalls Siopao. When digital photography came in, along with groups of enthusiasts, his love for the …

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Reader’s macro tips

Last week, this column featured a macro shot of a frog’s eye taken with a smartphone by reader-contributor,  John Wyclife Gomez. John also emailed photos of insects and lizards. I found it difficult to choose which one to feature since they were all good. To share with readers how he did those shots I asked him to write about it. Following is his response: “Yung pagkukuha po ng mga insekto, bugs, spiders, at marami pang ibang small creatures ay dapat maingat sa pagkuha. Kailangang pigilin ang paghinga, hindi dapat magalaw ang paligid at dahan-dahang ilapit ang mobile phone sa subject. Sa 30 na shots, may mga dalawa o tatlo lang na magandang kuha nito. Kailangan lang ng patience kung saan lilipad, tatalon, sundan mo para makunan ang subject. Kinuhanan ko …

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For the love of the ocean

‘I’d like to capture moments like spawning, mating, and laying eggs which are some of the examples of marine behavior. It is a test of patience, waiting for the exact moment and be ready for it and capture it through your lens.’ — Garri Immanuel Tadlip It is never too early for a kid to learn photography. It is incredible, however, for a 14-year-old to literally dive into underwater photography wholeheartedly. Garri Immanuel Tadlip, or Iggy, is a PADI-certified (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) young diver and underwater photographer from Cebu City. When we refer to Iggy as an underwater photographer, we’re not being loose with the word “photographer.” At a very young age, Iggy has been recognized and has achieved most of what people twice his age could. Iggy’s choice achievements include: …

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