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Zomato and Microsoft join forces to empower SMEs

Following the success of last year’s Restaurant Summit, online and mobile restaurant search and discovery platform Zomato partners with the world’s leading software provider Microsoft to empower leaders and learners alike to become ground-breakers in the local Food & Beverage (F&B) sector by conquering the digital space market. To be held at the Raffles Fairmont Hotel in Makati on Friday, January 15, 2016, the Zomato + Microsoft Summit Session’s Metro Manila leg will bring the brightest minds to share their knowledge and open discussions on topics such as Integrating Technology in your Restaurant Business and Wooing the Millennials. The union between Microsoft and Zomato champions each of the different SME’s goals to harness and elevate them through technology and digital solutions. While having websites and multiple social media accounts allows more visibility for restaurants, …

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Gastronomic predictions for 2016

Every year, I am asked about the incoming food trends that I feel will be very visible and which may create a succession of other trends. Here are the some predictions for this coming 2016. BREAD Artisanal breads with uneven textures and long rising or fermentation time for savory flavor development will be prevalent. What was considered imperfect crumbing with varied interior holes, a big difference from the Pullman loaf of past decades, will all be trendy. The appreciation of bread will transcend the notion that it is a starch an adjustment to the meal. Baguette loaves will not only take on the traditional pointed ends but will be baked dark or in a rustic fashion. Cereals and peasant breads will be explored together with rustic baking such as wood fired …

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Sweet journey

Cynthia Patos learned baking from a lot of burnt pans. The host of Lifestyle Network’s new food show Sweet Talk is largely self-taught, having basically learned to bake at home, tinkering with flour and egg whites. “I learned from home, from my passion, from a lot of errors, from a lot of burnt pans. I remember, one time, I almost set my parent-in-law’s kitchen on fire when I forgot a cake that I put inside the oven. The cake overflowed and it resulted in a fire. Good thing, my father-in-law came inside the kitchen with an extinguisher. I was so embarrassed. I also learned quickly that one should not put caramel in the oven and let it sit there for a while. I experiment a lot and even now, I am …

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What’s famous in Paco

Patsy Cline’s 1961 rendition of the song “Crazy,” the top-selling jukebox song of all time, was written by the legendary singer/songwriter Willie Nelson, who was forced to sell it for $50 to support a growing family. “It paid our groceries for a week’” he told a reporter, 50 years later. Willie’s story flashed through my mind over lunch a few days ago at Oasis Paco Park Hotel’s My Kitchen restaurant while rolling strips of Panizza over alfalfa sprouts and arugula. Chef Chris Locher, who created the dish and introduced it to the Philippines many years and several restaurants ago, explained that the menu of My Kitchen calls the creation The Original “because someone else has copyrighted the Panizza recipe and name.” Traditionally, panizza was a polenta or focaccia made from chickpea flour before Chef Chris created the recipe that he describes now as “a fine crisp dough layered with a blend of five cheeses and herbs, and perfected with favorite toppings.” (Images by Manny Llanes) Last Monday, we had a half-half combination: Verbena (tomato …

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Exclusively Macallan

Images by ART STA. ANA Exclusivity is the name of the game, and being a VIP roller has its perks, especially at the Solaire Resort and Casino. Imagine yourself sitting down at the dealer’s table, a well-dressed gentleman working his magic with his cards, your face emotionless, not wanting to give anything away. The seconds turn to minutes. Fold. Fold. All-in. Then it happens. You win big, you big kahuna. You stand up and want to bask in the glory of your victories against the odds as you walk around the grand, carpeted floors of Solaire. You’re imagining a fine, single-malt drink in your hand and a tasty cigar between your teeth. You might as well find yourself heading toward Sky Tower all the way to the very exclusive Macallan Whisky and Cigar Bar, because, …

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Philippines Airasia launches restaurant in the sky

Craving for sisig from 35,000 feet above? AirAsia guests flying to, from, and within the Philippines are in for a wonderful treat as Philippines AirAsia today officially started serving hot meals from its newest in-flight menu concept themed “Santan” which replaces AirAsia Café as part of the airline’s latest offerings to enhance customer experience while flying. Fresh new items include bangus sisig, a Filipino dish made of chunks of boneless milkfish sautéed in onions seasoned with salt, pepper, and spices. Buffalo chicken strips and barbeque cola beef are tasty versions of grilled meat with smoky sauce paired with tomato rice or roasted potatoes. Those who are watching their calories, meanwhile, must try the new vegetarian chickpea curry or the classic Maan’s pasta Arabiata. New dishes are available for onboard and prebook …

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