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A green step at a time for a healthier environment

From heat temperature indices that rise every summer to increasingly heavier rains during monsoon season, people are feeling and contending with the effects of climate change every day. With every person making small, practical changes that minimize their own environmental footprints, we can still help in minimizing the impact of climate change.

A green step at a time for a healthier environment mb

Staying and living green may seem overwhelming at first, but by choosing eco-friendly choices that are already available, it becomes easier to do. In the long term, small steps provide doable ways to make meaningful contributions to minimizing human impact on the environment.

“We believe that if given the chance, people would like to do their part to help save the environment,” said Raul Joseph Concepcion, Chairman of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) and President of Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC), which recently introduced the Green Footprints Movement.

An advocacy campaign focused on creating greater awareness about climate change, the Green Footprints Movement aims to encourage collective action towards reducing their environmental footprint and helping create a better world for generations to come.  For CIC, this entails providing useful and relevant information on the various ways one can embrace a green lifestyle, as well as making environment-friendly and sustainable products available to help consumers lessen their environmental footprint.

There are simple, cost-effective ways to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle:

A green step at a time for a healthier environment mb1

Lessen fuel use

Walk to your destination whenever possible—it’s a good way to exercise and clear the mind at the same time. When travelling by car, opt to carpool with friends–this reduces your fuel expense plus the number of cars on the road, minimizing carbon emissions, pollution, and traffic!

Use appliances efficiently

Unplug appliances when not in use. When needed, replace old appliances with ones that have more energy-saving features.

Switch to LED bulbs

LED bulbs are not only cost-effective; they also last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents and even longer than incandescent bulbs.

Invest on environment-friendly appliances

 Switch to green appliances like air conditioning units that have environment-friendly refrigerants. It enables you to enjoy comfortable cooling and significant electricity cost savings which in the end translates to reduced carbon emission which helps create a healthier environment.


The simplest step towards green living is to reuse old products for new purposes. It does not only minimize waste production, but it also saves energy and materials needed to create new products. You can help in your own little way by just simply bringing your own bag when shopping to help eliminate the use of plastic bags.

Grow plants indoors

Aside from beautifying living spaces, plants act as natural air filters, with some plants particularly effective in absorbing harmful pollutants from carpets, furniture, and electronic equipment. Plants provide positive psychological impact, as these help reduce stress and anxiety while improving concentration and memory.

“Through the Green Footprints Movement, we want to encourage and get more people to choose green by enabling them to understand how it will make sense for them or benefit them in the long run,” said Concepcion. “Our aim is to provide the public with the knowledge of how they can make small, practical changes that will have significant effect on their own footprints, such as the responsible use of electricity and even making more sensible selections when it comes to the products they use in their homes.”