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Under One Sky

Sky Cable COO March Ventosa (2016.mb.com.ph)

Sky Cable COO March Ventosa

Sky Cable has launched an all-in-one subscription plan that includes Internet, cable and video-on-demand service.

Called One Sky, it has content both traditional and new media “so that we can relate to the changing programming habits of most Filipinos,” says the company’s head for consumer product Jaja G. Suarez.

While competitors offer similar plans, head of digital Jerome Almirante claim they offer “better experience,” pointing out that their HD channels include “what most Pinoys watch like HBO, NBA Premium and a lot more.”

The plan is said to complement the Kapamilya network’s transformation into a digital company.

One Sky has cable TV with 10 HD and 31 SD channels including Cartoon Network, Disney, ANC, RTL-CBS Entertainment, History, ABS-CBN, and S+A. They plan to add more HD channels in the coming years.

The company also offers Sky on Demand that enables streaming of shows seamlessly on multiple gadgets.

“Sky recognizes the changing habits of the Filipino family, as well as their increasing reliance on internet connectivity for their daily activities,” says March Ventosa, Sky Cable chief operating officer. “This is how we empower Filipinos.”