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Serious side

Banda Ni Klergy (

Banda Ni Klergy


Banda Ni Kleggy returns with new album “Medyo Serious/Semi-Formal (Ang Album Na May Dalawang Title)” that will likely surprise fans who are used to the group’s “fun” music.

As the title puts it, here are frontman Kleggy Abaya, guitarists Rye Sarmiento, guitarist Berns Cuevas, bassist Bobby Campos and new drummer Raffy Bonifacio at their most sober yet.

“Naging observant lang kami sa paligid namin” explains Rye. Oh.

Well, “Kurakot” is a rocking, guitar-driven number tackling corruption. And the band shows its wistful side on “Radyo.”

As for “1-2-3,” some spoken word poetry against minor-key faux classical music was in order. You want sentimental? Check out the metaphors on “Mandirigma.”

They also try mixing synths and indigenous musical instruments on “Pare-Pareho” coming up with a tuneful, world music tinged number featuring Bayang Barrios singing in Visayan, Cebuano and Manobo.

But take heart, those who resist change: The remaining one-third of the album sees Banda Ni Kleggy back to their madcap ways (Was that a sigh of relief we hear?). Acoustic ditty “Parang Birthday Ko,” the spoof-ballad “Singtunado,” and the nonsensical but hilarious track snippet “Yan” are familiar for being funny.

“Kaya nga ang title ng album ay ‘Medyo Serious,’ kasi hindi rin naming kaya ’yung seryoso all the way,” says Abaya. Oh.