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CPP cautions Duterte on rekindling PH-China ties

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called on China to respect the Philippines’ sovereignty and territorial integrity and warned President Rodrigo Duterte to exercise caution in rebuilding ties in a China that has an “imperialist self-interest.”

This comes amid the ongoing peace negotiations between the Philippines and the CPP to end the conflict, which is one of the world’s longest communist insurgencies.


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Flag (Photo courtesy of wikipedia) / MANILA BULLETIN

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Flag (Photo courtesy of wikipedia) / MANILA BULLETIN

“It is in the geopolitical interest of China to turn the Philippines into a bastion of anti-U.S. imperialism. This is consistent with the aspirations of the Filipino people. To forge cooperation, China must recognize and respect the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Philippines,” the group said.

The Maoist group asked China “as a friendly overture” to halt its exclusive claims of the fishing area around Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc, saying that “it can support the clamor for demilitarization of the South China Sea and avoid taking steps that contravene other country’s claims.”

As the president has managed to secure billions worth of investment deals and loans from China during his state visit, the CPP called on Duterte to prioritize national industrialization and genuine land reform in his economic objectives and persuade China to invest in those areas to help the Philippine economy “stand on its own feet.”

But in doing so, the group advised Duterte to ensure the protection of environment, national patrimony and the interest of the working class.

It warned that should Duterte fail to uphold the democratic interests of the people, “Philippine ties with China will only lead to replacing the giant that dominates and plunders the country and the perpetuation of foreign monopoly capitalist plunder of the country.”

While the group lauds the government’s drive to distance from American influence, it also warned that “U.S. imperialism is closely watching the forging of China-Philippine friendship.”

It urged the president to stifle its perceived “U.S. imperialist influence and control” of the armed forces, which it said have been “dependent on U.S. military aid” and against “the policy of suppression against the anti-imperialist, progressive and revolutionary forces.”