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The Devant habit

Have we really become slaves to technology? Well, it depends how you see it. Although one can’t deny the addicting appeal of having and doing everything at a touch of a finger, there’s also the side of technology that offers us such amazing convenience.

Technology offers everything — an avenue to shop without leaving the house, ways to share memories with loved ones living far away, easy communication, and the availability of information wherever you are.


It is this convenience that Devant, aims to tap and promote by delving deep into what matters most — one’s family. Driven by the tagline “Changing lives in a big way,” Devant hopes to instill the importance of strengthening personal ties by simply enjoying a simple habit — watching TV.

7:30PM TV G2G

Through the project 7:30 PM TV Get Together, Devant hopes to create moments where people can take a break from their busy schedules, and spend some quiet, quality time with people they love the most — and what better way to bond than watching your favorite shows together on Devant’s Big Screen TVs?

Through the 7:30 PM TV Get Together, every night becomes a bonding night when families and friends get to enjoy their favorite shows together. The experience, is of course enhanced via Devant’s Ultra HD Big Screen TV’s complemented with surround sound to make bonding nights more memorable.

The Devant Manifesto

Home entertainment is a big part of Devant’s product line-up. For the brand, a family television plays an important role and symbol of making people come together, and for them, it is a response to neutralize and enhance the growing influence of technology.

Families gathered in the living room, watching their favorite shows. Children enjoying their favorite cartoons together. The boys bonding over the game. Girls sleeping over at a friend’s place for a movie marathon. In today’s modern world, one can’t help but think that this is a dying habit. Now, couples are usually busy taking photos of their food instead of having real conversations. Children locked in on their tablets for hours, not bothering to socialize with their friends. Parents focused on their separate devices while on bed instead of talking about the highlights of their day.

With this, Devant aims to promote the 730 PM TV G2G — Every night at 7:30, Devant encourages everyone to spend time with the people they care about. And at the center of it all, are the convenience and quality of experience behind every Devant Big Screen TV. Because there’s no better way to connect than to relax and bond over your favorite shows with the people you love.

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