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STORM app for employee communications

Human resource technology firm STORM (formerly STORM Flex Systems, Inc.), developer of STORM Flexible Benefits and incentives platform STORM KUDOS, launches its latest product, Squares.storm

Squares is a corporate communications tool built to engage today’s mobile workforce.

Squares enablesa more direct and convenient communication with employees through their smartphones.Companies may relay important updates, announcements and memos to all their employees across different worksites.

Forms may be requested through the Square app instead of manual filling and filing.

Squares app also lets employees answer surveys and other feedback data that employers send out. Information on company events, policies, HMO coverage, and government benefits are accessible on Squares.

STORM is known for its Flexible Benefits platform which allows employees to convert benefits such as sick leaves, vacation leaves and food allowances into monetary points called FlexPoints.

Employees may use their points to purchase gadgets, clothes, travel and dining packages and other benefits in kind from STORM’s online marketplace.