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Paymaya school IDs offered to students for cashless transactions

Paymaya is providing several schools in Metro Manila with a special school ID that also acts like a regular Paymaya card. They can use the card to log in their attendance through a designated kiosk, and this kiosk can also be used to load cash into the card. The special ID can be utilized to purchase food in their canteens, but it can also be used to buy items in bookstores or any other establishments outside the campus.paymaya

Like other school IDs with built-in chips used for attendance, the kiosk used by students while checking in can send SMS notifications to their parents to let them know that their child has attended school in a specific time.

The attendance records of students will automatically be stored in a database in case the school administration needed to verify attendance or to check if the student is eligible for a perfect attendance award.

The Paymaya School ID needs one of the parents’ mobile phone number in order for them to be informed via SMS about their child’s transactions using the card. This system will erase some students’ habit of overspending their allowance.

The special cards were introduced during the first stop of the Paymaya School Tour at Espiritu Santo Parochial School of Manila.

The said school is one of the 6 schools associated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila Educational System (RCAM ES) Clusters 5 and 6.

The other 5 schools, namely St Joseph School, San Pablo Apostol Learning Center, San Rafael Parochial School, Manila Cathedral School, and Holy Child Catholic School, will be the first schools to be implementing the Paymaya School IDs. During the tour, parents of the students will be oriented oriented about the functions of the Paymaya School IDs.

“I like the Paymaya card because we can use it not only inside our school, but also at bookstores and other shops in the mall. I like to go to concerts, and I’m happy that I can use my own school ID to purchase tickets for the events I want to attend,” said Tricia Isabel Bernabe, a Grade 10 student at Espiritu Santo Parochial School of Manila.

“The Paymaya card teaches us to limit ourselves in spending too much over things that we don’t really need. Because the card sends text messages to our parents whenever we buy something, we don’t consider it as a restriction but a lesson in order for our parents to guide us in spending money wisely,” said Grade 9 student Matthew Brian Manalo.

Paymaya’s School ID was well received not only by the students and parents, but also the faculty and staff of Espiritu Santo Parochial School.