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Hitachi new video management platform models, strategic tie-up

Hitachi Insight Group, which is responsible for driving Hitachi’s global unified internet of things (IoT) business and go-to-market (GTM) strategy, has introduced three new Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP)models designed to aggressively move the company into the video security and monitoring market—a more than $6 billion total available market (TAM) opportunity based on recent estimates froman independent research firm. The new Hitachi VMP configurations combinevirtualized compute and storage and are delivered as fully integrated, turnkey appliances.

These new models are optimized for enterprise video security and monitoring environments and support video analytics. Hitachi also announced that it isgrowing its partner ecosystem and expanding its strategic allianceswith digital video management system (DVMS) industry leaders Milestone Systems and OnSSI to develop and deliverjoint solutions that offerincreased levels of enterprise security, workplace safety, and industrial and operational efficiencies.

Video management systems provide a critical foundation for both physical and digital information assets that support a holistic security program and regulatory compliance in enterprise and institutional security environments. Video monitoring, whichhas traditionally supported only physical security,isnow being used to support new applications,such as improving traffic congestion, increasing industrial and operational efficienciesand supportingworkplace safety. These applications are driving a flood of“big video” datathat requires enterprise-class storage, fast data recall, expanded data security and little-to-no degradation to effectively support real-time monitoring and analysis. Although most enterprise customers today are looking to embrace digitalization to transformtheir businesses, manyexisting video storage and monitoring solutions still rely on legacy technologies andanalog video formats that cannot fully capitalize onIoT or supportanalytics and advanced technologies. Hitachi VMPis designed to address this gap.