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All in for the Vivo Y55

vivo1By Christian Abe Garcia

Smartphones are getting faster, lighter, and pricier. With a lot of phones coming out in the market with sophisticated technology like fingerprint scan, motion sensors, and dual cameras, some people would still want a simple bare-to-bones smartphone that can handle all of the tasks for a reasonable price.

Vivo has recently released the Vivo Y55, and if you are looking for a good affordable smartphone, then Vivo’s latest offering is right up your alley.vivo2

The Vivo Y55 comes with 5.2-inch screen, with is the adequate size for watching videos or playing games while being able to put it in your pocket if you’re not using it. The screen is also scratch resistant due to its thick 2.5D curved glass.

Vivo Y55 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset, which will not really push the Y55 in playing games with high quality graphics. The chipset may not be that impressive or enticing, but the main attraction for the Y55 is the 1.4 GHz octa core CPU. And with it 2GB RAM, the smartphone can handle multiple apps running at the same time.

The rear camera has 8 megapixels while the front camera 5 megapixels. Although you may not be able to capture photos or shoot videos in high definition, they are still good cameras for taking selfies or just posting photos on social media.

The memory capacity of the Y55 is also something that you may want to look at. At first glance, the 16GB internal storage could be a bit small for those who wants to use the camera as a backup storage device. However, there is also a card slot where you can insert a MicroSD card with a support capacity of up to 128 GB.

Another neat feature of the Vivo Y55 is that you can use two SIM cards on the phone. If you have a Nano SIM that you are using for your work and you have a Micro SIM for personal and private use, then you can just solely use the Y55 without the need to bring another phone with you.

In terms of battery life, the smartphone’s 2650 mAh Li-Ion battery could last up to 6-8 hours depending on your use, so the Y55’s battery can last on long trips, but you may still need to bring a powerbank in case you want the phone’s battery life to last a little bit longer.

While its lack of new and “trending” features like dual rear cameras or fingerprint sensors, the main focus of the Y55 is really on giving a simple smartphone without any gimmicks.

The Vivo Y55 is a no-frils, workhorse smartphone because of its dual SIM capabilities, its scratch resistant screen, and its ability to multitask.

All these for a very affordable price of, well, more than half of what some other brands demand from you.

Be wise.