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The plot thickens


The moment Pretty Actress (PA) learned Gutsy Nemesis (GN) was in trouble, she sent food, clothes, and even toiletries. But wait – didn’t GN hurt PA just recently?

The root of their rift was GN’s, er, “inability” to resist the charms of Appealing Actor (AA). When PA found enough evidence linking GN and AA, who denied it anyway, she dropped him cold.

But it was not a happy ending even for GN and AA. They eventually parted ways too. It was then that PA sent GN the stuff.

Kibitzers now wonder if the generosity was PA’s way of making GN feel guilty for what the latter did. There’s also this rumor that PA might have had a hand in tipping off GN’s most recent, damning (?) “operations.”


• • •

Best of both worlds?

Just when everyone thought Network Actor (NA) and Cherished Talent (CT) were going to tie the knot, news about their breakup surfaced.

Rumors have it that NA did want to settle down with CT, but the latter turned him down because she knows whenever a female celebrity settles down, she tends to lose her luster. Besides that, she allegedly caught NA having an affair. So kaput went the pairing.

NA has moved on by doing various projects. CT now has a new boyfriend. It all seems well.

Recently, another angle to the breakup surfaced. It has something to do with CT’s alleged preference. It is said that although she has always had a male partner, CT has also continuously dated pretty young things.

Yes, as rumors go, even now.


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a tough woman,” Jester said.


He finds his training and physical exercises as police officer helpful in maintaining his physique. He also spent time working out and dieting prior to the competition.

“’Yung preparation ko almost one month din na dieting. I also spent six hours straight everyday doing massive body weight exercises,” he said.

It probably helped that Jester grew up in the Cordillera mountains. He worked in the farm as a child so he can help his parents. Winning in the competition is a big feat for Jester because he felt he has proven himself tough in any given situation.

“I felt really proud of myself and confident enough to say I’m tough. It’s really a dream come true for me because I dreamed once as a man to be the toughest. I joined the challenge to prove myself if I’m really tough enough as a police officer for others to depend their lives and safety,” Jester said.