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Social media influencers cross over to cable TV

Cable channel StarWorld has launched a lineup of local content featuring social media personalities who will share tips on their points of expertise.

Erwan Heussaff (

Erwan Heussaff

Presented in capsule form, these will be interspersed with their top-rated shows such as “The Voice” and “Masterchef,” which Charo Espedido, Marketing and Programming Head of Fox Networks Group (FNG), describes as continuing to deliver strong numbers.

“Our newest local production is called ‘She Said Yes!’ It is a show about the best Philippine weddings. With three episodes in, it also grows its audience every week. It seems as if music, food and love are the formula to success.”

Fashion is another pillar of StarWorld. She recounts there was an opportunity to get access to the Paris, Milan and London Fashion Weeks through Ingrid Chua of The Bag Hag Diaries.

“It was a no-brainer for us to produce a full-season capsule around her and her experience of these prestigious fashion events. The reception for the show has been great and delivered good ratings. In fact, we just finished our third season.”

Food is one area Filipinos certainly follow on the channel.

“We know that our market enjoys eating, too, but is probably looking for better and healthier choices. Healthy can also be delicious and flavorful, and that’s why we launched Erwan Heussaff’s ‘The Fat Kid Inside’ segment. He champions healthy eating and making better food choices, so he speaks directly to our market,” Espedido smiles.

Another food show takes on the element of travel, as it follows Cher Tiu on a mission to uncover dining discoveries, ranging from street food to hip food trends to the most luxurious culinary experiences.

Espedido reveals research shows the core audience of the channel is composed of females aged 16 to 34 years.

“In terms of engagement, the best indicator would be the size of our following on social media and feedback that we get from our mail and social media accounts,” says she. “By featuring these social media influencers in their own capsules, we speak directly to their respective followings, with content presented by people they follow and trust to be experts on the subject matter.”