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‘Mulat,’ a revelation in form and content

Of all the things going for Diane Ventura’s first feature-length film “Mulat (Awaken),” it is the genre-bending narrative style and the excellent performances of its actors that take it to the highest level.

Jake Cuenca (who plays the role of the “better man” but tamer Jake) and Ryan Eigenmann (who plays the dynamite character Vince being the torturer in his relationship) are both very effective in their performances. We may have seen them mostly in more commercially-inclined projects before, but “Mulat” gives us a different perspective on their innate acting abilities and convinces us that, indeed, they are two of the best actors of their generation.

Loren Burgos and Jake Cuenca (Manila Bulletin)

Loren Burgos and Jake Cuenca (Manila Bulletin)

Newcomer Loren Burgos, who is introducing in this film as the impassioned and truly disturbed Sam, shows off equal doses of forcefulness and vulnerability and was able to hold her own against her two, more experienced leading men. Loren’s character portrayal successfully serves as the movie’s anchor.

Ventura’s material, her original, is topnotch. While Ventura’s work leans more on issues involving women, it is the viewers’ good fortune that she is adamant in presenting things differently. What in lesser director could have been just a straightforward three-way love story, turns out to be quite intriguingly exciting and with an ending that could blow the viewer away in Ventura’s hands.

What we have instead in “Mulat” is a psychological-thriller, a time-hopping mystery, and a perspective-rich romance rolled into one, where linearity is challenged and logic is defied. “Mulat” is worth laboring over and its awards certainly speak for itself – Ventura has bagged Best Director for Global Feature, while Cuenca took home Best Actor at the International Film Festival Manhattan 2015. The film also won Best Narrative Feature at the World Cinema Festival in Brazil, where Cuenca once again snagged Best Actor honors.

“Mulat” was also given the “A” rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

On Nov. 2, “Mulat (Awaken)” will hold its first-ever commercial run in the Philippines with a bonus feature of Ventura’s previous output, the short film “TheRapist” starring Cherie Gil to open the exhibition. The trailer for this film was initially banned by MTRCB because of the delicate issues on rape, abuse and sexuality being tackled in it.

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(FROM LEFT): Maxene Magalona, Nexon Ng, Dr. Daniel Su, Stephen Sy, Donita Rose, Chat Fores, Ernie Lopez and Shiela Lim-Choy (Manila Bulletin)

(FROM LEFT): Maxene Magalona, Nexon Ng, Dr. Daniel Su, Stephen Sy, Donita Rose, Chat Fores, Ernie Lopez and Shiela Lim-Choy (Manila Bulletin)

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