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ICT, e-Commerce: vital game changers for the economy

As the Philippine government strengthens its thrust to improve the state of connectivity in the country, technology and e-commerce are shaping up as critical pillars of the Philippines’ long-term progress.

Spearheading this initiative is the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), a government agency tasked to champion a much improved technology infrastructure for the Philippines. The move has paved the way for bigger, more strategic public-private partnerships focused on the development of information and communications technology as a lever for multi-sectoral growth.

“Technology and e-commerce play very important roles in for the continued development of various sectors in the Philippines, like manufacturing and retail,” says DICT Executive Consultant for E-Innovations and Project lead for Tech4Ed, Mon Ibrahim. “The DICT is the government’s response to improving access to these platforms and pursue inclusive growth and sustainable development.”

Shortly after the new agency was formalized, DICT led efforts to democratize access to technology and e-commerce through various ICT-centric projects.

These include the Tech4Ed Project (Technology for Education, Employment, and to Empower Entrepreneurs towards Economic Development).

The program utilizes technology to “uplift people from the cycle of poverty, reduce inequalities, expand opportunities for decent work, and accelerate the achievement of inclusive, sustainable economic growth.”

This is specifically done by establishing computer centers in rural areas to bridge the technological divide within the country.

The DICT also has the JuanKonek Project, which eyes to offer free Wi-Fi access in public places to more than 1,600 LGUs nationwide.