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Commuting executive-style with Avis

The TNVS alternative

AvisThe worsening traffic, approaching holiday season and recent implementation of new traffic rules may hamper our ability to drive around town, yet getting around to meetings or errands is easier than most think.

Most individuals will quickly turn to their phones to book a car from a transportation network vehicle services (TNVS), like Uber or Grab. Yet, for those with busy schedules and multiple stops, the waiting time and costs can quickly pile up.

Thankfully, there’s a new alternative. As it celebrates its 44th anniversary, Avis Philippines is offering clients a chauffeur-driven ride within Metro Manila, called The Executive Class.

With The Executive Class, clients may book a vehicle for up to 13 hours per day in a single booking. The chauffeured vehicle will pick up the client wherever desired, bring them to multiple destinations and carry one or multiple passengers and even luggage.

Avis Executive Class saves clients from a number of hassles that may be experienced with TNVS services like the need to book each one-way trip, pay ‘surge fees’, or wait for the vehicle to arrive or even find you. Individuals need only book the service on their busiest days — a more economical solution to paying the monthly salary of a driver, as well as providing the vehicle.avis 2

Clients will be provided the contact details of the chauffeur for easy communication. By booking a vehicle for the whole day, all the client has to worry about is their next destination. The chauffeur will take care of parking the car (parking fees provided by client) and waiting for the client’s call to pick them up and head to the next destination.

Like some TNVS, the Avis Executive Class service also provides a selection of vehicles from the Toyota Vios, to the larger and more luxurious Camry, the spacious HiAce Grandia, or the capable Fortuner.

Avis offers affordable packages that include advanced booking and prepayment for a worry-free ride. Within Metro Manila, the car hire service costs P3,760, but those who book and pay ahead can enjoy a discounted rate of 1,760 for the first two hours and P950 for each excess hour. Destinations outside of Metro Manila can also be computed. Clients can enjoy rides up to 13 hours inclusive of fuel, except toll and parking fees. The cost is similar to three luxury TNVS trips during peak hours, yet with 13 hours to enjoy the vehicle and unlimited destinations within the time frame, provides far better value. Avis chauffeurs are also rigorously screened, trained, courteous, and properly observe the rules of the road.

To sample the convenience of The Executive Class, AVIS sent over a Toyota Camry to help me tick off a number of errands for the day. The to-do list included a check-up with the doctor at St. Luke’s, a quick run to the drug store, some grocery shopping, before heading to the office after lunch. There was a quick meeting in a restaurant before having to return to the office once again. The vehicle provided was remarkably clean, spacious, tinted and quiet. Looking back, the daunting list of appointments that day would have been impossible to achieve without a chauffeured vehicle.

Besides the car hire service, Avis also offers airport transfers from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals to Makati, BGC, Ortigas, or the Manila Bay area, and vice versa. The service costs P2,880, but early booking gives clients a discounted rate of P1,760. Each ride comes with bottled water, business newspaper, golf umbrella, and wipes. Wi-Fi internet connection will be available soon. Luxury limousine service is also available upon request.

Apart from The Executive Class, Avis offers self-drive rentals, chauffeured daily rentals, city pick-ups and drop-offs, and more. For more details about the executive class transport service, visit its website at or Facebook page at