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5 features you’d want in your pickup

Mitsubishi Strada GLS Sport V 4x4 AT

Mitsubishi Strada GLS Sport V 4x4 AT

Mitsubishi Strada GLS Sport V 4×4 AT

When it comes to pickups in the Philippines, few have the kind of glowing reputation possessed by the Mitsubishi Strada. It’s earned its stripes by crossing rivers, bounding boulders and literally doing all the heavy lifting. Seldom did it break down, requiring only air, fuel and the mandatory oil change to keep on keeping on.

It started out boxy, but by the third-generation, it was one of the most sought after not just for what it can do, but also for the way it looks.

After driving the 5th generation Strada, let me highlight five utterly enviable features that will make you wish were driving one too.



The headlamps on the Strada are probably the most stunning in the segment right now. It comes with an illusion of size from the LED daytime running lamps that start out like huge, chunky diamonds from the side and then slowly shrink as they curves to the top of the HID headlamps.

A great complement to it is the gorgeous grille that spans the middle. I’ve always admired how Mitsubishi has always been able to play around with the three-diamond logo to get inspiration for its grille designs and this one is no different.

Chromed-out and laid out, its large vents are uniquely designed to make it look like it comes in three parts on each side with the big badge with the emblem right in the middle.


The J-line

The J-line (the vertical line formed by the end of the passenger cabin) is an engineering design laid out by the automaker to shorten the wheelbase of the Strada while extending the cabin space.

With a shorter wheelbase compared to other pickups, the Strada achieves a class-leading maximum turning radius of 5.9 meters. This allows for better maneuverability and handling, especially in tight confines and those dreaded U-turns away from the bottleneck ahead.



Also because of the J-line, the Strada’s legroom is also the best, bar none. With an interior space that stretches out to 1,745mm, you won’t have to worry about keeping bags inside.

Even with the front seats pushed all the way to the back, rear passengers can still enjoy a good amount of wiggle room. Not only will your friends be tripping over each other to get the backseat with all the space they have for that long drive to Pagudpud, now you won’t have to rent surfboards. Just throw yours in the cargo bed along with your gear and get going.

Super Select 4WD–II (GLS Sport V)mitsu2

Known for its off-roading prowess throughout the years participating in the Dakar Rally, Mitsubishi now makes it a lot easier for off-roading rookies to operate its renowned four-wheel drive system.

The Strada comes with a dummy-proof system so you won’t have to fumble around shifting from 2H to 4H, etc.

Using a simple and very well designed rotary switch called the Super Select 4WD-II, a driver can now easily go from 2H to 4H and 4HLc (locked center differential) while travelling at speeds of up to 100kph with the shift-on-the-fly system.

On a dirt road doing 40 kph heading to that elusive surf break? Simply flick the switch to 4H for a front/rear 40:60 torque split giving you better traction and more confidence behind the wheel.

Only when switching to 4LLc (locked center differential) will you have to come to a full stop.


Limited Slip Differential (Hybrid-type)

Unless you’re a hardcore, take-it-to-the-slopes-of-Pinatubo guy, you’re daily drive Strada is better off with a Limited Slip Differential (LSD).

It behaves much better on the road and does not wear out tires as fast as conventional locking differentials do.

Being a hybrid-type LSD, it combines torque-sensing with speed-sensing gears to be able to maintain the proper amount of traction and whatever terrain the Strada is on.

If one of your wheels starts spinning, torque is maintained with its internal clutch escape mechanism allowing the other tires with traction to pull you through.


Standing out in the crowd

With more trucks getting introduced to the market, it is getting harder and harder to see what’s good for you and what’s not.

It may be great to get top-of-the-line, loaded with everything and the kitchen sink, but it will cost a pretty penny.

Chances are, some of these highly technical features may go unused for majority of your ownership. So why pay for what you don’t really need?

The Mitsubishi Strada GLS Sport V 4×4 AT, with these five great features, is priced more competitively at P1.440 million compared to similar trims in its segment.

So if you’re in the market for a pickup truck or are looking to upgrade to one with more features, take a minute to know what you really want because these five Strada features may be all you’ll ever need.