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10th ‘Tinapa’ Festival in Rosario, Cavite showcases various dishes out of ‘smoked fish’

ROSARIO, Cavite  – The 10th “Tinapa” Festival was celebrated Wednesday at Isla Bonita, Salinas Village in this town with colorful dances, parlor games, and preparation and cooking of various dishes out of “tinapa”.

Rosario Tinapa Festival 2014  (Youtube / MB.COM.PH)

Rosario Tinapa Festival 2014
(Youtube / MB.COM.PH)

“Tinapa” is a native delicacy of smoked fish such as “galunggong”, “salinas”, “tamban”, “salinyasi” and “bangus” (milkfish), and is best eaten with fried rice and sliced fresh tomatoes for breakfast.

It was in 2006 that the Tinapa Festival was first celebrated with then Mayor, now Vice Mayor Jose “Nonong” Ricafrente Jr., to promote and perpetuate the image of Rosario town as the place where smoked fish, particularly “tinapang salinas” originated.

Visitors witnessed residents cook Tinapa Flakes, Tinapa Bread, Tinapa Siopao, Tinapa Hopia, Lumpiang Tinapa, Fishball Tinapa, Embutidong Tinapa, Burger Steak Tinapa, Tinapa Sandwich in Trosong Salinas, Salinas Palabok with Tinapa Toppings, Pizza Tinapa, Tinapa Burger, Empanadang Tinapa, and Tinapang Salinas Express.

Mayor Voltaire Ricafrente said that the town is the top producer of smoked fish in the country with the famous “Tinapang Salinas” now being exported to the United States of America, Canada, Europe and some other Asian countries.

One of the first producers of tinapa is Aling Carmen of Ligtong 4 Village who is also the first to export the delicacy to foreign markets. She now deals with hundreds of fishermen for their catch, which she turns into tinapa.

Mayor Ricafrente said celebration of the Tinapa Festival is now an annual tradition of the town to celebrate the people’s livelihood that brought unity and peace to the communities.