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Seeing TJ in a new light

There’s a new stockbroker in town, a dead ringer of actor TJ Trinidad, and… wait a minute – it is TJ! But how did he become a stockbroker?

TJ Trinidad with wife Margarita Valdés and kids

TJ Trinidad with wife Margarita Valdés and kids

“My first job after I graduated from DLSU was as money market trader in a financial institution. I dealt mainly with commercial papers and government bonds and right beside our office was the trading floor unit of the company. I was always interested in that aspect of the business.

“It so happened that Mr. Toto Cruz (former PSE Chairman) is a good friend of my father in law. We would always discuss the current state of the market, how it affects certain stocks, and other aspects of the business. I guess he must have noticed I was very much interested in stocks in general and up to date with my information that he invited me to train with his company as a consultant,” TJ said.

I suddenly have a vision of a swarm of ladies wanting to invest with TJ. But here’s full disclosure: Our Clark Kent is not single anymore.

“Married life is a whole lot of fun and being a family man suits me. It has made me a better person because I feel that whatever it was I might have been looking for as a single man, I have found (in my marriage). I am happy and at peace.

“My wife is one of a kind. This is why I knew I had to go the distance (literally because she studied in London) to win her over. The way she looks, which is what people will always comments on first, is actually just the cherry on top of the cake. My wife is highly intelligent, genuine and a wonderful mother to our two children.

“My first born, Alonso, is a ball of kinetic energy. He just turned four years old and he is highly active and inquisitive.He always makes sure his mom has her favorite snacks and he watches over his younger sister quite diligently.

“My daughter, Renata, is two years old. She is hyper intelligent and is my wife’s mini avatar. Same face, same nature. I am smitten by her.”

Asked for advice he can give to those who want to invest and multiply their savings, TJ gave a straightforward reply.

“Be diligent. Study and research the companies you might want to invest in. Research is a crucial step followed by studying the market conditions. Ask many questions, see if it’s a good time to invest. Look into where the opportunity lies.

“Make sure you have a good, trustworthy, and reliable broker. Your broker can and should advice you on all your transactions. And don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A safe rule would be to put about 40 – 60% of your portfolio in equities.

“Lastly, don’t be greedy. Set short and long term goals and stick to it.”