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Developer unlocks potential of lands in Sta. Rosa and Mandaluyong

Greenfield City & District

The Philippine real estate industry has been flourishing in the past few decades. While some companies might see the increased competition as daunting, Greenfield Development Corporation is celebrating the vibrancy of the market.

“We are all for the opportunities that these exciting times in real estate bring,” said EVP and GM Atty. Duane A.X. Santos.

As one of the most experienced developers in the country, Greenfield knows what it speaks of as its projects have been known to be built on careful planning and consideration, as well as on a visionary approach to land use.

Together with this comes a distinct advantage that backs Greenfield’s optimism, and that is its landholdings that the company has been able to preserve over time.

Today, the company is in a position to unlock the immense value of these prime properties in strategic locations within and outside of Metro Manila.

The developer is committed to developing communities for generations of families.

The developer is committed to developing communities for generations of families.

Pioneer development

In Sta. Rosa, Laguna for instance, Greenfield has been the pioneer developer that jumpstarted progress in the area as early as in the 1990s.

“We quite literally built the inroads to progress in Sta. Rosa back then,” said Santos.

Innovatively enough, the developer took a different approach in developing the area, starting with industrial and commercial components. These business parks were vital in attracting investors and thus, created thousands of jobs for Filipinos.

With employment opportunities came the need for residential and lifestyle components, which Greenfield followed suit with. Today, the whole area has come to be known as Greenfield City, and the 400-hectare development is evolving as its masterplan is being fully implemented.

As other developments have sprouted around the area and made Laguna even more popular, Greenfield is glad of the progress.

“We are not one to complain about competition, because this is all for the benefit of Filipino homeseekers, entrepreneurs and businessmen,” shared Santos. “As long we are able to contribute to positive change, we are fulfilled.”

Night view of Greenfield City

Night view of Greenfield City

Growth center

Similarly, an exciting new growth center within Metro Manila is Greenfield District, a refreshed vision of what used to be more popularly known as the EDSA Central. For decades, it served its purpose well as a transport terminal and commercial center strategically located on the midpoint of the entire stretch of EDSA.

With the changing times and the need for more holistic urban development, Greenfield has taken on the challenge to unlock the potential of this landmark and transform it into something that will take urbanites into 21st century living.

Primarily, Greenfield District is the pioneer interconnected mixed-use development in the country, utilizing state-of-the-art technology of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to bring the benefits of telecommunications and the Internet to more Filipinos. This technology is hardwired into the infrastructure of the 15 hectare-plus district, making the experience seamless and immediate.

Modern living is now being felt by residents of its residential condominiums such as Twin Oaks Place, a twin-tower high-rise development that is the centerpiece of the district’s FTTH technology.

Here, a smart home controlled by mobile phone or computer apps is no longer just a dream, but already a reality — where life is made more convenient, efficient, safe and secure.

Eventually, the entire district will enjoy this efficient way of life along with its other office and commercial developments.

At the same time, residents and visitors are still able to keep in touch with the healing and recharging benefits of nature, as Greenfield has ensured wide open spaces and greenery all throughout the area.

“It is this perfect balance of modern technology and nature that made us feel we are offering something different here at Greenfield District,” affirmed Santos. “This is how we are providing value to our homeowners and locators.”