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An open book for digital-savvy millennials

Lenovo ups the ante on tablet design with the release of the Yoga Book, a thin and light 2-in-1 tablet that allows users to take notes and even sketchtheir own artworks using a stylus with real ink. Housed in a unique form factor that inspires creativity, the Yoga Book gives users the freedom to let their imagination roam free.

“Lenovo is committed to create innovativedevicesthat help today’s shakers and makers create better and achieve more in their daily tasks. Featuring a Halo Keyboard and Real Pen input device for taking notes, drawing, and browsing the web, the Lenovo Yoga Book is the book of today’s digital-savvy millennial generation,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo

Equipped with a Real Pen input for note-taking, a Halo Keyboard for easy typing, and a Book UI for seamless multi-tasking, the Yoga Book distinguishes itself as a “Create Pad” that inspires imagination. The tablet uses Lenovo’s now-familiar watchband hinge to weave the touchscreen and a Wacom-powered touch-sensitive surface together.The Yoga Book’s first productivity feature is also what makes the thin and light design possible: the halo keyboard, a full touch screen backlit keyboard that weaves software and hardware into one fluid interface. The touch screen is made with glass that was meticulously chosen to give a rough, matte feel and finish, along with anti-glare coating to ensure the best possible touch-typing experience. The keyboard lacks any physical keys, showing up as a solid white outline on the Yoga Book’s second panel only when it’s needed. While the touch-sensitive surface acts as a keyboard with light-up keys, it also accepts input from a stylus.

The Yoga Book Real Pen allows users to swap in an ink cartridge into the included stylus and take notes on real paper.The Yoga Book willthen automatically copy and digitizetheir notes in real time. Users can then seamlessly organize, merge, and share their notes instantly with friends or colleagues. They can even use the included Book Pad clipboard to magnetize their papers and keep them in place.

Featuring two panels that open up like a book, the Yoga Book breaks free from the conventional tablet paradigm. At 9.6 mm thick, the 690- gram Yoga Book packs a punch in its svelte frame, allowing users to easily bring it along with them while in transit.