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Lufthansa Group opens new service in PH

Lufthansa Group further strengthens its footprint in the Philippines with the official opening of its new service center in the Alabang District.

Called the Lufthansa Services Philippines (LSP), the new center will employ 440 highly qualified consultants in a modern working environment.

Kay Kratky, CEO of Austrian Airlines, Process Domain Owner Flight Operations LHG & Lufthansa Patron for Southeast Asia, led the center’s official opening of Lufthansa Services Philippines with 50 guests in attendance.

LSP is the result of a joint partnership between two business units of Lufthansa Group – Lufthansa Global Business Services (LGBS) and Lufthansa InTouch (LH InTouch) – providing services in the areas of financial and revenue accounting, human resources and procurement, and customer service for Lufthansa Group passengers.

“Lufthansa Group is strengthening its footprint in Southeast Asia and particularly in the Philippines. We already have the Lufthansa Group passenger airline sales office, Lufthansa Technik Philippines and now, we are very pleased to welcome Lufthansa Services Philippines to the family,” said Kratky.

Kay Kratky

Kay Kratky

“Manila is now an attractive business location due to its excellent academic educational system, communication infrastructure, and extensive business know-how in the service industry.”

According to Kratky, the Manila-based Service Centre will grow to more than 440 staff members by mid-2018, all of them will enjoy working in modern offices for one of Europe’s leading aviation groups.

Sharmini Krishnan, LSP Managing Director, said the center is also looking into providing comprehensive accounting services and other business process scope in the near future by recruiting highly skilled consultants catering to different demographics.

250 Consultants will join LGBS and perform mainly financial accounting services. An additional 190 Customer Service Consultants will work with LH InTouch and assist passengers flying Lufthansa – and any other airline within the Lufthansa Group – to book and rebook tickets, make reservations, and process baggage enquiries. Once the Service Centre is built up to its full potential, most services will be provided on a 24-hour basis, 365-day a year.