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Yap is no Fernandez

Ramon Fernandez advised James Yap to just suck it up and accept the reality of being traded. Trade is normal, he said, and it happened to him twice in the PBA. Instead of sulking, he accepted the challenge.

Fernandez, a four-time PBA MVP winner (last one in 1988 after being traded) said Yap should not feel rejected and instead grab the opportunity to prove that his old team was wrong by showing that he still has the stamina and skill to compete at the highest level.

Well, that’s easy for Fernandez to say, though. For one, Yap is no Fernandez. When Fernandez was traded, he was still on top of his game while Yap, well, he’s on top of many things but not his game.

Yap, 34, has reason to fulminate. It is like sleeping on a warm and soft bed and then being dumped to the floor.

Even at his finest, it would take a miracle for Yap to have an impact on a team that has lost its top stars and is expected to continue bleeding.

Rain or Shine owners have millions, but not as much millions as Star where Yap used to play and whose franchise is backed by business behemoth San Miguel Corporation.

Paul Lee, who was traded for James Yap in what is perhaps one of the most-lopsided deals in recent memory, probably could not believe his good fortune.

He has been angling for a trade for many years and finally realized his wishes. And what a team he fell into.

OK Paul, wipe that smile off your face and kneel and genuflect in front of Yeng Guiao for making it possible because if Yeng was still with Rain or Shine, no way will you be playing for a San Miguel franchise.

Meanwhile, have you noticed that the best players almost always end up with teams owned by the MVP Group and San Miguel?

Teams like Blackwater, Mahindra, Globalport, Phoenix and, to a certain extent, Alaska and Rain or Shine, tend to have their best players heavily pursued by the MVP and SMC teams once their contracts expire or are near expiration.

Many of these players succumb, lured by stories of hitting the jackpot once signed by any of the two conglomerates.

If proof is needed why these two business giants have the best players in the PBA, look at the semifinals cast in the Governors’ Cup: Meralco and Talk ‘N Text (MVP), Ginebra and San Miguel Beer (SMC).

Parity in the PBA? Forget it, not until rules will limit a company to have just one PBA team.

In the last 10 years, with 28 championships disputed, SMC teams won 16, MVP teams six and none SMB-MVP teams, 6.