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Big Data tools: check out Keboola

I got intrigued when I got an invite to attend #DataDrivenSG Hackathon next week on Oct 21, 2016 at NUS Hangar ( It was sponsored by Keboola. So I went over to their website ( to find out more about this company and what it does for Big Data Analytics.

In the world of Big Data Analytics, 80% of our time is spend just extracting, cleaning, transforming the data to work with. The other 20% is the actual time spent doing the analysis. So if one can automate or simplify the ETL(extract, transform, load) part, it would be a huge win for Data Analysts.


This is where Keboola comes in.

It touts itself as the Data Preparation Platform. It is a “hybrid cloud-based set of integrated tools which supports the whole data workflow process, from the point of data extraction, preparation, cleaning and warehousing, all the way to its integration, enrichment and loading.” In short, I take it to mean that it will make my ETL part of data analytics easier and faster.

The list of data it can work with are impressive, to name but a few: Facebook, Google, Mysql, Oracle, MongoDB, Magento, Mailchimp, Elastic, Dropbox, CSV import and Github. Using the GUI, it is a wizard driven process to bring data in from those sources.


Once you are done with the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processing of your data, you can then ‘play around with it with a bunch of pre-built Analytics applications: Anomaly Detection, Market Basket Analysis, Histograms, Predictions, Linear Regression, Recommendation Engine, and as an option, Text processing via Geena.

I have applied for a demo to fully test this out, but I like what I can see so far. If you have worked with Keboola please drop me a comment and share your experiences.

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