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10 things you might not know yet about Michael Pangilinan

Michael Pangilinan (Facebook)

Michael Pangilinan (Facebook)

Five years since entering show business, singer Michael Pangilinan has made inroads with many people deeming him one of the rising stars of his generation. The vocal versatility and dexterity heard on his new, eponymously-titled album indicates he is here to stay.

Here are 10 things fans might not know yet about their idol:

  1. Michael’s sign is Sagittarius (born Nov. 26, 1995). He is said to be a distant relative of Filipino businessman Manny V. Pangilinan.
  2. Michael started singing publicly at age seven. He once sang Salbakuta’s hit “Stupid Love” in church. He continued to turn heads via performance videos he uploaded online. One that went viral is his cover of Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti,” which Michael did at 13.
  3. Michael is a patient, good-natured guy – but don’t touch his hair! The singer fixes it himself and he gets upset when people touch it once it’s set. His manager, Jobert Sucaldito, recalled a road show where Michael was swarmed by fans eager for a kiss or a hug. He didn’t mind it one bit, but made sure his hair remained, er, intact.
  4. Michael used to drink and smoke. He quit both and now leads a healthy lifestyle. He goes to the gym regularly and keeps to a strict diet. He goes wakeboarding, too. The singer is working on getting a six-pack so he could join one of those daring men’s fashion show next year.
  5. Michael was introduced to Jobert by a common friend on a Monday evening. Jobert so believed in Michael that in the beginning, he would “book” him for live performances even if it meant the former would “pay” for Michael’s talent fee just so the singer could further hone his skills. Michael didn’t know about this but when he caught Jobert putting money inside an envelope meant for the singer, the latter told the former it wasn’t necessary and that he’d sing for free. One of the first songs Michael learned that impressed Jobert is Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father.”
  6. Michael handles his finances well. According to Jobert, Michael hasn’t touched his earnings, all of which go straight to the bank. The singer refrains from buying expensive things though he could be generous to loved ones to a fault.
  7. Michael is also songwriter. In his latest album, he penned “Tanging Ligaya ko.” Also on the track list are “Pare Mahal Naman Kita,” which is the sequel to “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako.”
  8. Michael is touted as the new “Kilabot ng Kolehiyala.” Jobert said Ariel Rivera himself, the ’90s “Kilabot ng Kolehiyala,” told Michael: “Sayo na ang korona!”
  9. Michael is not keen on becoming an actor just yet. Though, he has received praise for his performance in the movie “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” where he starred alongside Edgar Allan Guzman, Michael would rather focus on singing. Jobert said they will only consider doing another movie if it is based on one of Michael’s songs.
  10. Michael is currently promoting the song “Hanggang Kailan.” There are four remakes in his album namely “Ayoko Na Sana,” “Everything I Own,” “Tag-araw, Tag-ulan” and “Angel.” (With report from Jojo P. Panaligan)