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The ‘box-sing’ match that never was

Just recently, longest-running noontime show “Eat Bulaga!” invited me and my best friend, actress Ina Raymundo, to participate in a unique challenge: engage in boxing while singing Alicia Bridges’ “I Love The Nightlife.”

I initially hesitated, thinking it’s a sport that should only be practiced by professionals. Besides, I was kind of afraid of Ina, a known gym-rat. Being an avid boxer (she trains thrice a week), my friend will surely get me bruised and I don’t want that.

Ina Raymundo with the author

Ina Raymundo with the author

So I came up with the idea of faking it. I told Ina we will just “dramatize” the fight so it would look entertaining at least. The night before the big day, I prayed my plan would work.

Celebrity challenges are really getting tougher by the minute. In another contest before this, I had to learn how to beatbox, losing gallons of saliva in the process. In yet another tilt, I had to drag a live crocodile by the tail. One time, I had to ride a raft through a river, a feat that almost got me killed.

Sometimes my husband and I would  fight about these things. He deems such challenges harbinger of unwanted stress. So why do celebs join these crazy challenges?

Ina says, “Well, it’s fun. Competing against a fellow celeb is a form of bonding. It fosters camaraderie. It also allows us to show a different side to our personalities, which some fans appreciate.”

But a boxing match? How can you hit your best friend, I asked. It would be truly heartbreaking!

Ina simply let out a laugh.

Thank God when we finally got on the show, the producers told us they have decided to change the contest format. In the end,  we just engaged legendary Pinoy Olympian Onyok Velasco to a friendly sparring match. Apparently, they realized much as I did how dangerous it would have been for me and Ina.

Whew, what a relief!