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Nature trip

‘To be able to adapt, understand, and be connected to your subject or subjects, these are the ways to capture great moments.’ – Jose Arjune Orbiso

To capture rather than be captured is a guiding principle for Jose Arjune Orbiso, or Siopao to his family and friends, when he started photography during the old film days.

“As what one of my mentors said that ‘photographers are chroniclers of time,’ the clicks of the shutter button, rolling of films, the ‘zzzz’ sounds when rewinding the film, those were a true natural high. Running to a local camera shop and buying those disposable underwater film cameras were truly a great picture of how photography was like during those days,” recalls Siopao.

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  • Siargao Sunrise (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Mt. Pulag (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • The Beetle(Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Multicolored Bug (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Fruit Fly (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Lipayran Islet, Bantayan (Cebu/ Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Sagada Tribe (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Mambacayao Islet, Bantayan Island (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Legiron Race (Valencia, Negros Oriental/ Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Debutant Tree Fairy (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Halea Nature Park, Ticao, Masbate (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Sinulog Queen street dancing (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Catandayagan Falls, Ticao, Masbate (Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Fishnet Weaving(Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Panag-apoy (Sagada/ Jose Arjune Orbiso)
  • Kids from Talaandig Tribe, Bukidnon(Jose Arjune Orbiso)

When digital photography came in, along with groups of enthusiasts, his love for the craft came back and he joined a passionate family-oriented group which pushed him through more boundaries and upgraded his skills in photography.

As a proud Filipino and outdoor enthusiast, this Cebu-born lensman admires beautiful sceneries and rich local culture as well as the abundance of flora and fauna in our midst. He loves to shoot food as well. His hobby of mountaineering, biking, and trail running helps him improve his craft as he climbs mountains, visits indigenous people in their environment from south to north.

“Landscapes and humans are the first of interest, but what took some of my time before I leave the place are the small insects or bugs in the undergrowth early in the morning. Seeing small things in a different perspective really amazes me. Capturing tiny details of creepy-crawling insects isself-fulfilling. I consider myself a fan of macro photography,” shares Siopao.

He quotes Henry David Thoreau, thus: “Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf and take an insect view of its plain.” He believes in order to capture moments, you have to be in the mood.

“To be able to adapt, understand, and be connected to your subject or subjects, these are the ways to capture great moments. That’s why I prefer to stay a couple of days with the community I visit.  To cook and eat with them, learn more about their daily life and culture, and a chit chat help a lot. In photographing insects, you have to bring tons of patience because you are in an uncontrolled environment. The best way to shoot flying small insects is early in the morning where dew is present in leaves and wings of every creepy bug. I still believe that photography is 90 percent luck and 10 percent perspiration,” he explains.

An affiliate of the Lumenars Photography Club, Siopao dreams of traveling around the country to shoot. It is also his goal is to document indigenous people and sharing their habitat and culture to the world through his photographs. He dedicates some of his images to his volunteer works in communities where they are happy and proud to be seen in his photographs.  It becomes an ultimate fulfillment for him and a way of giving back.