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Type-C flashdrives are rolling in

Smartphones are now our go-to device to store files, there’s nothing new to that. We’ve all transferred photos or documents or whatnot to a smartphone from our laptops whether wired or not. A few years ago we got dual flashdrives, with one end for a laptop, and the other for a smartphone. Newer phones such as the Galaxy S7, Huawei P9, and the LG G5, all use Type-C ports.ew

One of the options we can use to store files now is the Transcend JetFlash 890S, a dual flashdrive that supports USB 3.1.

The USB 3.1 is great advantages. One, its transfer speed is ridiculous. It’s blazing fast and can move large GB files in a minute or less. It can read up to 90MP per second and can write up to 30MB. This ensures that files and documents can be easily transferred from your phone to your computer and vice versa. Upon testing the speed of the JetFlash 890S through transferring a 3GB movie from a laptop to the flash drive, it only took 1 minute for the transfer to be completed, which is quite amazing for a small flash drive.

The Transcend JetFlash 890S is also splashproof and dust resistant because of its Chip on Board (COB) engineering that is encased in a metallic casting. So in times of emergency and you need to use the flash drive while walking in the rain, you can get the flash drive out of your pocket and immediately plug it into your phone, as long as your smartphone is also splashproof.