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Game easy!

AOC Monitor I2381FH

The boom of pro gamers making big buck with a massive audience that rivals even sports major leagues stand as something of a testament: that tech will keep on getting bigger and better, especially in the gaming scene.w

But high-performing monitors are not easy to come by, and the best ones are priced not for everyone. This is where AOC comes into play. The I2381FH has a wide viewing angle, so someone can watch you play from mostly any angle without the screen dimming, or you have be in a big group and binge-watch without worrying if anyone is getting the best view or not.

It’s no 4K monitor, we’ll be straight up with you there. The AOC I2381 features up to 1080p resolution, which is far from being the worst, because, only a few years ago, we were lavishing with the beauty of 1080p, and truth be told, even to this day 1080p still looks gorgeous and we don’t mind not moving to 4K any time soon.

For gaming uses, we have hooked up the AOC monitor to a pretty simply custom PC that is backed with an AMD Radeon RX480 and an 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4. Both parts aren’t too expensive either and are pretty much considered budget PC components if you want to put together a decent gaming rig. We tossed in Dark Souls 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the build.

But enough talk about the PC itself and gear on to the monitor. With both Dark Souls 3 and Deus Ex, the monitor provided a sleek and flicker free experience. Now unless you’re hardcore for image clarity and color vibrancy, the AOC I2381FH, is just right.w1

Other factors to consider, it’s thin, the bezels super narrow that it you will get lost into whatever game you’re playing as soon as you get comfortable. The metallic finish at the back is designed so smoothly and quite attractive to look at – with that, it’s just fine to have your setup facing against the door.

Of course, the monitor is not just for gaming purposes. If you’re looking just to buy a nice monitor for your PC and use it for work, or plain home entertainment like YouTube, binge-watching, and the like, the AOC monitor gets a lot of things right.

Behind it are the VGA and two HDMI ports. It sounds just right for casual users, use the VGA to plug in devices like a laptop, the HDMI ports for any game consoles you might want to connect it with. And in case you were wondering, yes the monitor works like a wonder with console devices as well – we’ve tested it out with a PS4 and a Wii u. Boo the Xbox! Just kidding, we’re waiting for Project Scorpio.

The monitor’s other stand out features is – the stand! Pun intended. It looks great, you might even say, has this sophisticated look, as if you’re staring into into an art piece. It’s really cool, we can’t stress that enough. But most importantly, it does its job well in securing the monitor. Even as we moved the table, slamming it and kicking it with our foot, and even tapped the monitor itself, the monitor did not wobble as much as we thought it would. This gives us assurance that the stand is sturdy and somewhat rugged despite what it make look. AOC knows what they’re doing design-wise, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The AOC I2381FH is lightweight, provides great viewing, with sharp and pretty aesthetics, we can give our honest thumbs up for this monitor.