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We are not one world

By Manuel Hizon


How often do you come across someone who thinks and behaves so exasperatingly different from the way you do that you can’t help saying, “This guy is from another planet!”

Maybe he is.

It is difficult to understand how polarized people can be—in terms of beliefs, politics, opinions, way of life, even taste—to the extent that individuals cannot live together, and nations go to war, because of serious differences.

Given the enormity of the universe, how can so much diversity and adversity exist in one small planet?

Maybe some superior alien played a prank on us in the beginning of time. He probably sprayed the nascent earth with humanoidspores collected from different worlds.  And chuckled as he watched earthlings sprouting from the spores, forming tribes of people so disparate they can never assimilate with each other.

How else can one explain the malady?

Prime ministers, social scientists, psychiatrists, clergymen, do-gooders – no one has been able to conjure the magic formula that can bridge the chasms, or at least make combatants realize the futility of conflict.  A modus vivendi that can make co-existence pleasant, or at least palatable.

Maybe one way is to accept that we indeed came from different galaxies, no matter how absurd that may sound.

Then it will be a given that we will never agree on basic beliefs and parameters.  Then we will not even consider changing the ways of others; rather accept that the way they think and do things as valid.

We will realize that there is no right way. Because we are not really from this earth; the “right way” as one knows it only exists in the world where he or she came from.

We can then focus on appreciating how exotic others are, make light of our differences, discover how the divergences can converge, and that these will not stop us from enjoying life, but in fact be the spice of our lives.  It’s all a matter of mindset.

Think about it.  We are diverse because we are from different worlds.  Let us not lose sleep over it, but weave harmony  from cacophony.