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Captivating Croatia

Here’s your next honeymoon/babymoon destination

When our friends informed us that their wedding was going to be in Croatia I was looking forward to it, but not in a bucket-list anticipatory sort of way. The country wasn’t one of my “must-visit” destinations and only popped up on my radar after seeing it in Game of Thrones. Our itinerary didn’t even have Dubrovnik (King’s Landing!) on it as it was too far a drive from where we were. We kept mainly to the north because the wedding venue was in Porec.

I have to say that David and I were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeousness of North Croatia. It is a Mediterranean country of vast scenic beauty (which we only touched the surface of), quaint seaside towns, delicious farm/sea-to-table food, and friendly locals. We spent every day driving to different coastal towns on the map like Rovinj, Vrsar, and Porec, all of which offered up a slightly different but cohesive Croatian vibe.

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  • Fun in the sun at the Adriatic Sea (Manila Bulletin)
  • Fun in the sun at the Adriatic Sea with my husband David (Manila Bulletin)
  • Pastel pink villa venue for the union of two spectacular people (Manila Bulletin)
  • Salivating over the incredibly sweet and juicy fruit and veggies (Manila Bulletin)

5. Things we loved about Croatia

1. The soft beautiful tones of their architecture

I instantly fell in love with the pastel-colored palette of their cities and cobblestone streets. You can feel the history steeped into the towns through their homes and buildings.

2. The Adriatic Sea

The towns border the Adriatic Sea and I swear there’s something so magical about it. I swam once or twice (David was diving in as much as he could) as I didn’t want to miss out on the experience but it was a little too refreshing for this tropical flower with a water temperature of about 19C.

3. Croatian wine

Now this was an unexpected treat. I’m a red wine drinker and the wine was amazing and affordable. Living in Singapore we often choke on the cost of a good bottle of wine (prices are indecent!). But in Croatia, a decadent wine is such good value.

4. Istrian olive oil

I’m a bread and butter (or oil as the case may be) girl. So I’m always in bread heaven when I’m in Europe. Croatia didn’t disappoint. The bread was always delicious and the olive oil was divine. I had no idea that some of the best olive oil in the world is Croatian.  Apparently the Mediterranean herbs grow together with the olive trees and this gives the olives a distinctly different flavor that lends itself well to olive oil.

5. Good value

To be honest, since I live in Singapore I think most places we visit are good value because Singapore is always so incredibly expensive, but in Croatia you really get bang for your buck. They never joined the EU so you pay in their currency, Kuna. Food pricing, as well as wine pricing, is very reasonable.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Croatia and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a slightly different side of Europe.

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