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Baby bites

Toddler feeding with Empress and her daughter Athalia

By Empress Schuck

Photos by Nice Print Photography

Motherhood truly is the greatest adventure that any woman can take. From the moment I got pregnant, life became a series of learning new things and anticipating many ‘firsts’ with my one-year-old Athalia, who celebrated her birthday last Sept. 27.

MOM Mommy Empress with baby Althalia (Manila Bulletin)

MOM Mommy Empress with baby Althalia (Manila Bulletin)

The First Few Bites

I began feeding Athalia more solids when she was six months old. The shift wasn’t easy for either of us. At first, Athalia would seem to refuse, moving her head left to right when I would try to feed her solids. This is highly common among babies, according to our pediatrician, because they are not familiar yet with the taste. The secret is to slowly introduce new tastes and textures to their diet.

For Athalia, it was easier to begin with bottled baby food while gradually adding more fruits and veggies to the meals. I started with bananas. Athalia, however, seemed to not like them and refused any more scoops. Any mom who experiences a similar scenario to this doesn’t have to worry.  I just kept introducing other fruits or vegetables until I found a particular taste Athalia liked.  I switched to potatoes, for instance, and she finished it!

Toddler feeding also includes more than just picking their meals. There was a lot of singing, playing, and peek-a-boos only to make her eat the potatoes. I learned how important it is that moms are patient. It took several attempts before Athalia was familiar and comfortable with eating solids, and I had to resort to tricks to make meal times more fun for her.

Recommended feeding products for your baby from Nûby toddler (Manila Bulletin)

Recommended feeding products for your baby from Nûby toddler (Manila Bulletin)

The Two-Plate Trick

It was Athalia’s pediatrician who taught me how to get her to enjoy a variety of tastes. She suggested the two-plate trick. She told me to prepare two plates instead of one when feeding Athalia. I would put her favorite food in one and food she doesn’t like or an unfamiliar fruit on the other. I started with bottled baby food in one and bananas in the other. Our pediatrician advised me to begin the meal with a spoon of her favorite food. While she’s chewing, I would follow up with a spoon from the other plate. According to Athalia’s pediatrician, alternating food is an effective trick for babies because they won’t notice the difference at all! My daughter started to enjoy both bottled baby food and bananas. I even used the trick to introduce different veggies to her as well. Now, as she turned one, meal times have been a breeze! She’s not picky at all, and we have been feeding her a variety of fruits, veggies, rice, soup, and baby food.

I recommend that mommies keep introducing new tastes to their tots as long as their pediatrician is okay with it. I saw firsthand that this helps them not to develop favorites and avoid raising a picky eater in the future. It’s also important to invest in quality baby products. Each mom should look for safe, BPA-free, and colorful utensils that are fit for babies. Bright colors will make it easier to feed them. I am glad I was introduced to Nûby toddler feeding products. I have been using them since Athalia was a newborn. It has helped me in every crucial stage of my daughter’s first year, including transitioning from breastfeeding to eating solids. Now, I am using the food masher when preparing her meals. I also only trust the Hot Safe Spoons, which changes color when the spoon is hot, and is soft and gentle for a baby’s mouth and teeth. This way, I am confident that Athalia doesn’t get hurt during meal time.

Everything will be hard, but it’s all going to be worth it. Being a newbie mom isn’t easy but it’s the best role I have played so far.

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