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Schneider Electric’s Energy Efficiency Claims

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore Sept 26, 2016 |

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO & Chairman of Schneider Electric shared today how “megatrends” will drive a rise in energy demand. By 2050, there will be 2.5B people living in cities; industrialization will increase energy demand by 50% – while halving carbon emissions. This all translates to the need for innovations that can increase power efficiency by a factor of at least 3.

The Schneider Electric CEO also shared how his company’s vision to make “Everything connected” from “Plant to Plug” will bring about a chain of efficiency to make this 3X efficiency possible.

Schneider Electrics claims that targeting the unconnected buildings alone could generate efficiencies and savings of up to 82% in unrealized potential. Since every 1KW savings at the end-user side translates to 3KW of savings at the power generation side, that 82% actually results in a higher impact on overall power needed.

Schneider Electric’s Energy Efficiency Claims |

Schneider Electric’s Energy Efficiency Claims |

Some examples of these include integrated IoT sensors that save 30-70% when it shuts down power in rooms without people in it. Schneider Electric also cited predictive analytics that monitor temperature anomalies and alert utility companies like Duke Power to perform emergency maintenance on its turbine blades and combustion units – saving Duke around USD 5 million annually!

Schneider Electric is a global powerhouse in the industry with 26.6B euros in 2015 and 160,000 people in 100 countries. It is betting big in Asia in general because this is where 50% of the world’s population is and in Singapore in particular, because of the Smart Nation initiative. Unfortunately, a local Philippine energy utility did not respond to interview request to share its experience with Schneider Electric that confirms these claims.