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Road sense driven to serve

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an active verb in the motoring industry.

Not many know that in the midst of the roaring engines of power, auto industry companies have been deeply involved in community development in its many forms.SPMJ

Did you know that hectares have been reforested and mangroves replanted? Many school buildings have been constructed and free vocational and technical education is offered with hundreds of graduates who now have better paying jobs. There are also road safety seminars conducted among those who are too young to drive to make them aware of the proper use of roads early. Another car company regularly conducts driving lessons to give proper instructions to enhance driving skills. And those are only among the many CSR projects that continue to be implemented without much publicity.

The silent efforts of the auto industry to help many communities in the country will be recognized by the ‘Driven To Serve’ awards given by the motoring group I am proud to be part of — the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists (SPMJ).

After nine months since the SPMJ started working on the awards, the members of the committees have now acquired a deep understanding beneath the offort of the good men and women who have put real concern for the community into action. The various forms of CSR programs focus on community development, protection of the environment, education, and road safety.

Judges have been carefully selected by the group, each one chosen to represent a profession or specialization that has experience with CSR programs.

SPMJ said the “Driven To Serve” awards aim to encourage more CSR projects that help develop communities, protect the environment, train scholars for better jobs, and keep our roads safe.

For the first awards, SPMJ only studied the CSR programs of auto manufacturers and distributors who are allied with the Chamber of Automobile Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID). Next year, the organization will include the CSR programs of companies that not necessarily produce cars but are allied with the auto industry.