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Faster, stronger, and definitely sweeter!

8 Great Features of the Android 7.0 Nougat OS

By Christian Abe Garcia

The latest Android OS has just been released and those who are lucky enough to have tasted the Nougat on the latest phones are raving about all the added and improved features it has over the previous Android operating systems.

With all the new features the Nougat offers, pretty sure most of us are curious as to what these additions are to the system.  Although quite minimal and often unseen, it still is a game-changer in terms of what it can bring for Android phones.

Listed below are some of the many functionalities added to the new OS to guide you through the Nougat’s best features.

(Manila Bulletin)

(Manila Bulletin)

Better notifications

With Nougat, notifications are much more prominent.  This means users won’t miss any important notifications like emails or messages from work or loved ones. The quick reply functionality, which in the past could only be used on Messenger and Google Hangouts, can now be utilized on almost any social media or communications app.   Now, replying to someone whom you are chatting while you’re busy doing other things on your phone is much easier.

Multi Locale Language feature

If you are multilingual or you have a lot of foreign friends, the Multi Locale language setting will let you use two or more languages at the same time in your keyboard. You won’t have to scroll through the phone’s settings just to change the language.  Nougat will provide you with all the language you need so you won’t have to go through a lot of swipes and touches on your phone.

72 new emojis added

As if 1500 emojis weren’t enough, Nougat has added 72 more to the library of emojis that we can all use to chat with friends or loved ones. As it expresses emotions, emojis have become essential for chatting.  And so, Android has added more to expand expressions and emotions for all its users.

Stronger security

Security has become one of the biggest issues for smart phones today.  Evil-doers can easily get important information from you by just hacking through your phone. The Android Nougat utilizes file-based encryption so that the system can separate and secure files better than by utilizing other methods.

Multi-window view

A frustration that Android phone users face in the past is that their phone would not let them view two apps in one screen.  One would have to switch from app to app in order to use both apps. The Nougat OS can now do multi-window view, a much requested functionality of fans for years! So now, it works like a laptop where the user can split the screen for two apps; quite similar to how computers have windows to separate each task.

Better multi-tasking

Besides having the multi-window view function, the Nougat also improves performance of phones utilizing the OS. With a better energy-saving feature, the Nougat will not stress the smartphone unit, giving users a much smoother experience.

VR Ready

Virtual reality is one of the most popular trends in technology today, and Android Nougat users can already experience VR with better graphic and performance through the Vulkan API found on supported Android Nougat smart phones. The Vulkan API helps devices render better VR images without any lags or delays; hence, it presents a smoother and less dizzying VR experience.  The Android Nougat will also support Google Daydream when it comes out later this year. The Daydream is a VR platform dedicated to developing high quality VR apps and games for smart phones.

The Doze 2.0

People were praising Android’s Doze feature.  The feature prevents battery drain by turning everything off when the unit is not being used.  With the Nougat, this feature has been refined. You can now activate Doze even when you are walking, running, or exercising while carrying your phone in your pocket.