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Candy Pangilinan’s greatest victory

Last Sunday, comedienne Candy Pangilinan gave a talk during a recollection at the City Hall of San Juan. I am sharing it here because I feel her message of hope is what we need in these troubled times:

Candy Pangilinan with son Quentina

Candy Pangilinan with son Quentina

“I am a single mom. A decade ago, my husband and I separated due to irreconcilable differences. Then when I gave birth to my son Quentin, he was diagnosed with autism. You can just imagine the weight on my shoulders. To top it all, I was robbed of all my belongings, cash and jewelry.

“I did not understand what was happening to me. I was full of hate in my heart. So much that I built an umbrella of sin. Now that I think of my past, I realize that when you build an umbrella of sin and stay inside that umbrella, you will never feel the rain of God’s blessings pouring down on you.

“I prayed for God’s mercy. Araw araw hiningi ko sa Diyos na kahabagan niya ako. I met a spiritual mentor who taught me to say a prayer nightly. In the last part of the prayer it said, ‘And I forgive those who hurt me the most.’ For four days, I could not say that last line in the prayer; moreover, say the names of the people I could not forgive. It became even more difficult because my spiritual mentor said ‘God forgave your sins, you have to learn to forgive others. How can you sing the Lord’s prayer every Sunday in mass if you didn’t really mean what you are saying Candy?’

“And so every Sunday I would cry in Mass because I could not forgive those who trespassed against me. But I continued to ask the Lord for His mercy. And one day my stone-cold heart softened.

“And my heart learned to forgive. Living in hatred and unforgiveness is like shortening the years of our lives. While I was in the state of sin, I was dead. I wanted to live, and live with a life of joy. So I chose to forgive. I realized that God loves me more than I love myself. God wants me to be happy.

“I was finally able to deal with my pride. And when I threw away that most deadly sin (pride) – once I learned to forgive – my blessings overflowed. I was getting regular TV shows and movies left and right. I got my career back on track and the best part of it all is Quentin was responding to treatment and special education. He can now walk to school, voice out what he needs and is not cross-eyed anymore. I am now annulled, which means I can now meet my next husband, hahaha! Or just a friend that I can share my beautiful life with. Yes, my life is indeed beautiful now, and blessed because God made it that way.

“The devil may have taken away so many things from me but God gave me a breakthrough; a burst of His help and mercy and grace and I was able to take control of my life. I will continue to serve God and inspire people who are down and out and give them hope. God is a God of second chances, of third chances and of 50 chances! He will not forsake for us long as you hold on to His cross.”