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Cultured pure diamonds are eco-friendly

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” —Henry Kissinger

Truly, in these very troubled times, only Pope Francis can get all the heads of the world’s different religions together and pray together for peace! At Assisi, Italy, the pope gathered religious leaders from different religions and denominations, representatives of refugees, and troubled governments to sign a covenant to seek peace and pray for peace last Tuesday.

This tradition started with St. John Paul II and has been continued by his successors. Whatever our political affiliations are in this divided country of ours, let us all pray and work for peace. As St. Francis of Assisi prayed, “Let peace begin with me!”

Golcondia president Tomas Fulgencio and COO Danica Agustin (Manila Bulletin)

Golcondia president Tomas Fulgencio and COO Danica Agustin (Manila Bulletin)

The accusation of convicts against Sen. Leila de Lima is being taken as gospel truth by some of her colleagues. Sad. But if you think about the motivations of a few of her colleagues, you will remember she filled graft cases against them in connection with PDAF cases. So they have axes to grind against her!

Ah, politics!

Now for lighter stuff: Remember Marilyn Monroe’s iconic movie where she sings a sultry song with lyrics that go “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…” and yes, James Bond’s “Diamonds Are Forever?” We felt like singing these songs at a recent Bulong Pulungan session at Sofitel where we all learned about cultured diamonds. Not zirconia, or Russian diamonds. The real gems!

No one can resist a sparkling, gleaming, multi-faceted, pure, crystal-clear gem like a diamond, and for centuries, mined diamonds have been the subject of wars, price manipulations, slave labor, and destruction of natural resources. Diamonds really do last forever and are used for industrial purposes but they look best dangling from elegant ears or on a slender neck or wrist.

Cultured diamonds glitter and shine! (Manila Bulletin)

Cultured diamonds glitter and shine! (Manila Bulletin)

What if modern technology can duplicate the mined diamond without the negatives (and curses) that sometimes accompany the gem so prized by royalty, billionaires, and women in love?

Enter now a technology that produces the exact certified Type IIa cultured diamond. This is available now in the country under the name Golcondia diamonds. Golcondia is a mining region in India known for its perfectly pure diamonds since 3,000 years ago.

The company producing the pure diamonds in their laboratories is confident that their diamonds are heritage quality and are “forever,” too.

Type IIa is the purest type of the gem and only two percent of mined diamonds are of Type Ila. These extremely rare diamonds include several inclusions which make light pass through them, making them more beautiful and valuable. We learned this from gemologist Tommy Florencio of the firm exclusively retailing the culture diamonds here in their shop in the new Edsa Shangri-La wing.

Diamonds , explained Tommy, come from 99.95 percent carbon. The point zero five percent can include one of the trace elements or impurities which are atoms and form part of the diamond’s essential chemistry. Cultured diamonds made in high-heat “incubators”  of “greenhouses” in laboratories of  IIa Technologies Singapore come from slivers or “ seeds” of mined diamond and the carbon “builds” atom upon atom to come up with a perfect IIa pink, blue, or yellow diamond after several weeks. No, you can’t order a specific color, he said. Nature takes its course here, but they all come out pure diamonds and these are cut in the same manner as a mined diamond in Israel, Belgium, Russia, or China and set into beautiful jewelry sets by skilled artisans here of  the Florencio company, a long-time established institution.

The box of earrings and rings Tommy showed the Bulong Pulungan group made us gasp at their brilliance and beauty, and listen, they are priced significantly lower than mined diamonds! They come with certificates of their graded quality, and remember, they are environment friendly and conflict-free and will last forever!

And as Tommy’s dad, Rene, who is chairman of their company loves to point out, the certificates accompanying their cultured diamonds (available in princess, radiant, emerald, asscher, round, and cushion cuts) attest to their quality and origin. And, no two gems are alike, just their quality and purity.