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5 Things to check out at the Uniqlo SEAsia flagship store

Headed to the Lion City? Don’t miss out on what could be one of the best shopping experiences of your life

At 2,700 square meters spread out over three floors, the newly opened Orchard Road store is the largest Uniqlo store in Southeast Asia. With a fortified presence in the region that includes about 30 stores each in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, the retail brand is set to dominate the fastest rising region in the world.

Tadashi Yanai, Japan’s richest man and Fast Retailing’s owner, says that Southeast Asia is a growth engine, and 30 percent of the world’s business is derived from the 10 ASEAN countries. “What we’re pushing is a concept called the democracy of clothing,” says Yanai, who flew in from Japan to make an appearance at the opening of the global flagship store in Singapore. “The LifeWear concept is made for all. Cashmere used to cost hundreds of dollars, but Uniqlo has made it possible for a lot of people to afford it. In our company, technology plays a big part. We use cotton from the US, cashmere from China and Mongolia, French linen, and make it readily available at everyday pricing.”

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  • Special shopping bags with designs by Singaporean artists (Manila Bulletin)
  • Uniqlo SG has the most extensive collection (Manila Bulletin)
  • The flagship store is 2,700 square meters spread out over three floors (Manila Bulletin)
  • Fast Retailing's Tadashi Yanai flanked by Singaporean celebrities Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim (Manila Bulletin)
  • Shoppers fall in line as early as 7 a.m. to wait for opening (Manila Bulletin)

Here are the reasons you cannot not visit Uniqlo’s groundbreaking flagship store the next time you’re in SG:

 It celebrates the essence of community.

To help customers discover more of the city-state, Uniqlo came up with the Good Neighbors’ Guide to guide customers to check out other gems in the area, with Orchard Road as a starting point. In line with the store concept of “U+S and the World” meant to promote Singaporean culture, style, and creativity, the Uniqlo store prepared a corner showcasing its immediate neighborhood. In the store, you can see a total of 24 homegrown businesses proudly taking their places among the offerings from Uniqlo, with Boon’s Pottery, Lloyd’s Inn, Choo Yilin, and Orchard Yong Tau Foo, among them.

 The selection is just mind boggling.

Uniqlo Singapore has the most varied product lineup in the region and showcases the full Life + Wear concept, made up of innovative, high quality clothing that’s easy on the pocket.

It also has the largest collection of dresses worldwide, and 350 mannequins—a number to rival the Ginza store. Racks and racks of dresses in different cuts and color, and the second floor dress section is a visual feast where you can touch and feel your way through a really wide selection. Its cashmere wear selection is exclusive at Uniqlo, and made of 100 percent high grade cashmere wool.

The UT corner on Level 1 has a full range of UT designs drawn from the most popular collaborations such as Olympia Le-Tan, Bruno Munari, and musician and style icon Pharell Williams. The new Disney Collection City Logo UTs include a unique design specially created for Singapore. It features Mickey Mouse with the iconic Merlion. You can also grab some hot Star Wars merch, exclusively available here.  Attack, Star Wars fans!

 It has become a hub for arts and culture.

The kids’ section is no slouch either. The section is replete with illustrations by Michael Ng, a self-taught visual artist based in Singapore who goes under the moniker, “Mindflyer.” Michael’s work is inspired by flight, escapism, and our favorite Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince.

Uniqlo also signed on Singaporean creatives and talents to hold a diverse range of workshops in store. You can learn about poetry writing and appreciation, do calligraphy with expert Craft Varies, illustrate on cute fans, or get floral arrangement tips.

The in-store music is like a cultural experience. With independent Singaporean record label Syndicate’s playlist in the background, as well as a host of artists promised to be in the lineup, Uniqlo Orchard delivers unique and original in-store music. The store will be playing its own tracks to let customers experience a uniquely Singaporean beat and rhythm.

 It has collect-me-while you can shopping bags. 

Uniqlo has collaborated with four different local illustrators—Soh Ee Shuan, Adeline Tan, Wu Yan Rong, and John Fan—who each came up with a design for the shopping bags, which are given out exclusively with your purchases. These limited edition bags come in different sizes, and are only available while stocks last. If you’re not lucky enough to catch them early, Uniqlo is sure to come up with more collaborations that will just be as kawaii.

 It’s a step forward into the future.

Iconic rotating mannequins, close to 300 LED displays (the largest number in any Uniqlo store), and a surreal wall-to-wall digital clock—stepping inside Uniqlo Orchard is like seeing a glimpse of the future of retail. While the screens play a reel featuring local talents such as 79-year-old granny and rocker Mary Ho, and skater and filmmaker Juffrie Friday, and carpenter Kelvin Ang, customers can see their faces if they upload creative pictures of themselves on Instagram or on Facebook with the hashtag #yourstagenowlive.