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Parenting with technology

An app for expectant parents with other expectant parents on what and what not to do before, during, and after pregnancy

It’s going to be nine months of mood swings, cravings, stress, and big changes on your body. Pregnancy, no matter how joyful the fact that you’re carrying another life inside you, is no easy journey, and moms need all the help they can get, not just from their husband and relatives, but from other mothers as well.

A safer birth is what every mom desires, and organizations from both the government and private sectors work actively together to build a dedicated community for this, for moms to have a pregnancy with minimal to no complication

(Manila Bulletin)

(Manila Bulletin)

“First-time parents, most especially, need to have access to or communicate with third parties that can provide them with correct information, which will lessen their anxiety and improve their disposition about pregnancy,” says Department of Health (DOH) spokesperson Dr. Eric Tayag.

According to the DOH, there are at least three factors that can be tied to the obstacles concerning maternal health in the country: delay in reaching appropriate channels, delay in providing proper maternal health tools, and delay in seeking medical help.

This is the challenge that FWD Life Philippines has taken up—to advocate empowered parenthood for Filipino families and become an instrument in building a community that actively helps first time parents prepare for the wide range of health and financial risks tied to pregnancy.

(Manila Bulletin)

(Manila Bulletin)

In partnership with DOH and University of the Philippines-National Institute of Health (UP-NIH), FWD created a parenting app called “Ready to Parent.”

“What’s special about the app is that there are live moderators who encourage discussions and proper sharing of information. Its article function allows you to browse content by week or by topic, like breast feeding or health and fitness, even financial tips in preparing for pregnancies. The journal, on the other hand, is a timeline of milestones and it can be shared to your relatives, to your doctor, and to other people. You can even log in your cravings for other mothers to see. It is created by Filipinos for Filipinos so it also has the myths, or the paglilihi (cravings) that Filipinos can relate to and chat about with other Filipino mothers,” says FWD digital head Alex Sarmiento.

The app, which is now available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play, is designed as a companion for first time parents. It will serve as one of the channels through which parents can share their journey to parenthood, as well as exchange useful tips and advice on better maternal and infant health, all done in real time. Through it, expectant parents can chat with fellow community members, learn from a host of shareable articles on parenting and pregnancy, and journal their pregnancy journey.

Dr. Tayag believes that digital resources like this are most effective when used to improve the health-seeking behavior of expectant moms.

“Our vision for this latest venture is to involve the nation in addressing the health risks of expecting families in relation to pregnancy. With the help of our other partners, we hope that in the near future, we can make every child birth a safer and a positive experience for every Filipino family,” says Peter Grimes, president and CEO of FWD.