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Ship from Sabah sinks at Zambo City port

Zamboanga  City — A 1,000 tonnage cargo and passenger vessel, which plies the Zamboanga–Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia route, sunk Thursday night, five  hours after it dropped anchor at the Zamboanga City International Port.

Zamboanga City map

Zamboanga City map

Zamboanga City  Port Harbor Master Arthur Nogas  said yesterday M/V Danica Joy 2  of the  Aleson Shipping Lines, Inc.  arrived in this city at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday from Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia, and sunk at 9:30 p.m. while anchored at the T-side port of the Zamboanga International Port here.

Nogas said the vessel, with a capacity of 900 passengers and skippered by Captain  Diojenes Saavedra, had just transported 817 passengers to this city when the mishap occurred. No one was hurt because of the incident.

Among the passengers were 603 Filipinos, who were deported from the Malaysian state; 159 regular passengers, 11 Malaysians and an Australian.

According to Nogas, 43 of those deported had expired passports.

MV Danica Joy 2, which has gross registered tonnage of 998.52 tons, also brought into the country 33.90 tons of cargo consisting mostly of cooking oil, noodles and other food items before it sunk.

According to a passenger, the vessel sustained a hole at the starboard (right) section, causing the MV Danica Joy 2 to take in water and sink.

The passenger, who is a trader buying goods in Sandakan for resale in this city, said the vessel crew had tried to offset the massive surge of water into the hull by using pails, to no avail.

She added that the vessel did not have a booster pump that could have sucked the water from the ship and dumped it back into the sea. “They could only do it manually,”  she said.