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This visionary strives for perfection

‘It’s all about people. People drive the business. Processes and policy are thereto guide the people to deliver products and services, but ultimately, it is still their passion and drive that will lead to exceptional results.’

Miguel Angel A. Camahort is one business executive who only settles for nothing else, but success.

As president and chief operating officer of LBC Express, Inc., Camahort ensures that LBC journeys only to success, which is a result of a consistent plan for growth.

For Camahort, success does not come as a whim but a deliberate effort to  make things happen the way you planned it to be. He works and strives for  perfection.

MIGUEL ANGEL A. CAMAHORT President & Chief Operating Officer LBC EXPRESS, INC.

President & Chief Operating Officer


LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in payments and remittance, documents and mail, parcels and boxes, and cargo and logistics. With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses, and communities, and delivering smiles around the world.

Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC pioneered time-sensitive cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines.

Today, it is the most trusted courier, cargo and logistics, and remittance service provider of the Global Filipino.


“LBC progressed at a deliberate rate of calculated growth over 65 years, so there wasn’t really one particular turning point in our company’s history that catapulted us into a leadership position,” says Camahort.

It was more like a continuous series of instances when “preparation met the occasion,” and product innovations and services perfectly anticipated the needs of an ever-evolving market.

The decision to become what it is today was more of a realization, a time when it became very clear that LBC had become an iconic Filipino brand.

“This happened when our brand name entered the lexicon and actually started to become a verb. Today, it is very common to hear Filipinos around the world colloquially use LBC as an action-word,” says Camahort.

For instance, Filipinos say   “i-LBC mo ‘yan”, or “ipa-LBC mo na”, meaning to send something via courier. “I suppose that is when the company really went from top of mind awareness to share of heart engagement,” says Camahort.LBC mb2


LBC was a privately-owned corporation for most of its life, but it decided to go public as a natural evolution of the company as it expands into a whole suite of services.

According to Camahort, at the time the company decided to go public, LBC had already been an industry leader for almost seven decades, so some may ask why a proven success needs to be altered.

Comahort explained that as a company grows, its entire behavior consequently undergoes transition.

“We evolved from a homegrown ‘padala’ enterprise to an industry stalwart that covered a full range of logistics services, remittances, and business solutions spanning the entire globe. We needed to manage this transition, and raise the necessary capital to remain consistent with our progress. Going public was also our way of cementing the LBC legacy for future generations,” says Camahort.

As a logistics company, LBC belongs to a very dynamic discipline.

By going public, “LBC now has the additional resources to explore further innovations in service areas that we have not yet fully developed, and many aspects of the supply chain that we can still venture into.”

At present, one of LBC’s key focus areas is on Research and Development. The company continues to create new services that customers may need, or may not even know were possible.

LBC also trains its sights on growths in new markets.

“We are likewise expanding our reach to other underserved markets across the globe,” says Camahort, who was the formerly President and CEO of Aboitiz One Distribution, Inc.

Just recently, LBC forged a partnership agreement with Sagawa, one of Japan’s largest logistics companies.

Through this partnership, LBC hopes to learn more about that market in the area, and use that knowledge to serve its customers better.

As the company continues to chart new and additional paths, Camahort  looked back at the milestones.

One of the biggest steps LBC took was to enhance and comprehensively serve the business sector. While consumer padala and remittance services remain its bread and butter, LBC is fast becoming the premier choice of corporations, to fulfill their logistics requirements.

“Our international expansion has likewise greatly improved our operational footprint, and allowed us to explore other commercial opportunities,” says Camahort.


In those years, the business and economics graduate from College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California has learned that the most important component in its operation is its people.

“It’s all about people. People drive the business. Processes and policy are thereto guide the people to deliver products and services, but ultimately, it is still their passion and drive that will lead to exceptional results,” says Camahort.

Having handled and exposed to different parts of the logistics business for 30 years, it would be easy for Camahort to claim that he has seen it all.

In reality, however, Camahort admits to how little knowledge he has gained. “That is far from the truth because each individual – whether they be a colleague, a partner, an employee, or any other stakeholder – has a different perspective,” explains Camahort.

“I respect the views of people in all levels, because the fact is that they may see things that we don’t. If someone speaks up, no matter how low or high up the ladder they are, I make sure to listen. Afterwards, I can give feedback so that they may learn something, or I may take something from their statements and learn something from them as well,” says Camahort.

LBC is big on developing/mentoring creative team leaders who are biased for action and results oriented.

He espouses an open culture and learning environment so that leaders can freely develop their managerial competencies and be effective in their functions. The company also recognizes each talent’s strengths and competencies and matched it with how the organization is structured.


Camahort does not consider difficulties and challenges “low points” as he adheres to the principle “mistakes are your best teacher.”

As such, Camahort would never consider a learning opportunity or a chance to become more motivated as a “low point”.

Modesty aside, Camahort deserves where he is today at the top of LBC’s executive pool.

Always a forward thinker, Camahort is a visionary. He reflects often.

“I always try to be 10 steps ahead of what’s going on. I have become adept at always anticipating and planning towards an endgame that continuously changes,” says Camahort.

A nurturing boss, Camahort has always been there to guide his team to be the best they can be and that ultimately helped in the company’s success.

“I’m willing to share whatever I know, but I also want to know what they can offer. Empowerment is key. Everyone in the team, myself included, has strengths and weaknesses,” says Camahort as he likes to maximize the strengths of his team while using them to overcome any specific weaknesses.

Known for his generosity, Camahort believes in team work.

“My word is not law, but the word of the entire team is. I’m also very focused on execution — a perfectionist to a certain extent. If there were a way for me to measure performance at every step of the process without being a micromanager, I would do it. We’re allowed to make mistakes, of course, but never the same mistake twice; because that meant that we didn’t learn anything.”


For the aspiring start-up business owner, Camahort advised them to strive for perfection and to make an impeccable output the first time around.

“That way you will set a standard for yourself that you will always have to reach or beat. Nothing thrills the customer more than efficient and perfect execution. Always deliver on your promises, whether to your customers or your team,” says Camahort, a happy, down to earth person with a good sense of humor.

  In his quieter moments, Camahort would like to hit the gym to keep fit. But this executive would always love to be with people.

As a people person, “I like talking to friends and colleagues, whether it’s about business or leisure. I even enjoy networking with people in conventions or any other business gatherings. So I can basically enjoy anything as long as I’m surrounded by people, especially friends.”

  With Camahort at its helm, LBC is in good hands charting milestones and successes.