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An Homage to Joy Viado

“Her name precedes her personality, it’s always a fun and joyful set whenever she is around. Even if the camera is not rolling nagpapatawa siya. She was always the life of the party.”

That is how actor Epy Quizon described our good friend, the late comedienne Joy Viado.

Joy, 57, succumbed to heart attack on Sept. 10.

I can attest to what Epy said about Joy. I’ve known her for the longest time, having started our respective careers simultaneously, via the Fe Panlilio scholarship singing contest way back in 1994, where she won the grand prize.

At the time, we also had the same manager in the late Del Pascual, who was able to land us appearances on shows like “Teysi Ng Tahanan,” “Ang TV,” “Okatokat” and “Lunch Break,”among many others.



Imagine the pain I felt learning about my good friend’s demise. Even sadder that I wasn’t able to pay my respects due to work.

In any case, I was happy to learn many of our common friends took time to visit her at Arlington including the singer Luke Mijares.

He shared, “We spent almost two weeks together in Japan for a series of shows. We were staying in the same house. I remember she was like a mother to me. She always made sure we all had our meals. She even reminds me to call my daughter and she always bid us goodnight. She wasn’t only a co-worker but a very caring friend.”

Fellow comedian Malou de Guzman summed up her experiences with Joy in one word: Laughter.

“Ask anybody, all of them will remember the laughter they shared with Joy,” she said.

Beverly Salviejo, another good friend of Joy’s, led a mini-tribute concert for her during the last night of her wake.

She admitted, “Joy’s passing took me by surprise. I know she was hospitalized but she was already on the road to recovery. In fact, she already has several upcoming projects lined up, including a film and a concert abroad. I am going to miss her terribly.”

Vhong Navarro, who was set to appear in a movie with Joy, expressed, “Nakakalungkot isipin na nawalan na naman tayo ng isang magaling na komedyante sa pelikula at telebisyon. Maraming salamat sa ligayang ibinigay mo sa amin ate Joy.”

I will never forget Joy. She is a great singer and a most effective comedian. She is quite passionate with work, hoping to give all she can for her two children and granddaughter. Watch over us up there, my friend.

‘Since you get more joy in giving joy to others, you should put a great deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.’

– Eleanor Roosevelt