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Kodak Photo Printer Mini delivers

(Manila Bulletin)

(Manila Bulletin)

Capturing precious moments on your mobile phone or digital cameras is lush, something that anyone can print when needed. Seeing however that we are in the digital age, no one can tell when the urgent need to have one on (photo) paper will come up.

Kodak, an iconic time in the photography business, offers a portable solution in the Kodak Photo Printer Mini. The mobile printing solution can be easily slid into anyone’s pocket, thanks to its brilliant dimensions (7.93 x 15.63 x 2.46 cm) and lightweight at just 250 g.

The Kodak Photo Printer Mini is a one-touch print solution that can connect wirelessly (Bluetooth or NFC) to any mobile device. Printing is done through the aid of a free app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

With this portable printer in tow, people can easily print credit card-sized photos (54 x 86 mm/ 2.1 x 3.4 inch) at any time. Power is rendered by a 620 mAh battery which can be easily charged through the included Micro USB to USB charging cable when needed.

Printing is done through dye sublimation thermal transfer, eventually producing photos using 16.7 million colors. The initial package includes a cartridge where folks can print up to 8 photos initially. Other than that, cartridges can be purchased separately.

All people have to do is connect it either through NFC or WiFi, pairing the device and you are off. It can print the ones stored on anyone’s iOS or Android device or even on the spot snaps that give people an on the go print-on-the-spot solution.

 For those who need immediate photos from the web, all you have to do is search, select and print.