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DTEK50 on duty!

(Manila Bulletin)

(Manila Bulletin)

BlackBerry phones are very much alive and still finding its way around into people’s hands. The DTEK50 is BlackBerry’s entry Android device. The name DTEK comes from a security software app and comes built into the phone.

What’s nice about the DTEK app is it gives you full control over privacy. Plus it has full data encryption, meaning the will be phone will be tougher to hack. BlackBerry is strong in the business sector, which is most likely why they aimed for the “DTEK” name, besides highlighting the built-in security app, it makes the phone more formal than it seems.

The DTEK50 uses Android 6 Lollipop and looking at it we’re pretty much amazed. You’d expect it to be filled with all sorts of bloatware, especially security-type bloatwares, but instead, you get an almost Android stock OS out of the box. Its interface is highly similar to the Nexus devices. The only extras you will see here are the usual BlackBerry apps, such as Hub. We respect BlackBerry here for simply focusing on developing a device with a high level of security and less on trying to overdo itself in looking cool and unique from everything else in the market.

It now features a window slider. Similar to what other devices have. The slider opens up a side window that reveals important, maybe business-related apps such as Contacts, Tasks, BlackBerry Hub, and Calendar. However, it isn’t simply a matter of touching the side and swiping it. It needs some getting used to in opening it. It had taken us several tries to actually find the “sweet spot” to actually open the entire window.

For many years and for many other devices, the power buttons have been found somewhere in the right side, above the device, or at the back, so you can imagine how much aghast we were in finding the DTEK50’s power button in the upper left side. After getting used to it in a few minutes, the button placement isn’t that bad after all, you just need to hold the phone as if you were doing a “thumbs up” gesture. Holding the phone like this somehow makes it easy to reach other buttons with other fingers: The index finger can reach both volumes up and down, and the round button called the Convenience Key to reach the important button.

The Convenience Key allows users to organize their most used apps in a single tray, making it convenient for users to access those apps anytime they are needed. This comes down to preferences how practical the Convenience Key is, if you want to keep your interface clean from any apps, then this button might come in handy. You can also drag apps to another app and together be placed in a folder, same as other devices.

The DTEK50’s design is quite impressive. The back rubber feels nice and gives a secure grip. The twin aluminum bands are quite attractive as well – they shine a little when struck by light.

The rear camera features a 13MP camera and it takes impressive photos. It features a manual setting, which does add great value in the phone. The shutter speed is fast and the volume buttons become shutter buttons themselves. The front camera has 8MP, that should style up selfies during meeting conferences.

The screen size is 5.2-inches with 1080p resolution, 3GB RAM and an octa-core processor, Snapdragon 617, 16GB internal storage that can be upgraded to 256GB via microSD card. It also supports Quick Charge 2.0, which isn’t actually as fast as some devices but definitely faster than most.

The BlackBerry DTEK50 is not an ugly phone. In fact, it rather looks attractive, and we wished BlackBerry had jumped onto Google’s arms and collaborated back when they were called “Research In Motion.” The DTEK50 is a working testament that BlackBerry is still tightly clutched in the ropes and climbing up. If you want a phone that is highly secured in this digital era where your entire identity is stored in the phone, then the DTEK50 might just be for you.