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Acer’s latest #Aspire campaign

A focused close group (FCG) result revealed that buying a laptop is a milestone and/or a tool to step-up in life.

“Acquiring a mobile device now becomes one’s tool in being a better person. For executives, it is a reward for hard work. So it’s not surprising that our segment market are people who are goal-driven and/or vision-oriented; mostly blue collar workers,” shared Rey Gozon, Acer’s senior marketing manager.

“Thus, the inception of ‘Aspire,’ a global campaign that breaks the barriers between people and technology. And for our latest campaign to reach out to a wider market, we tapped the help of life coach Francis Kong.

“Mr. Kong believes in our campaign. And as the most followed person on social media by the working class, he will embody the campaign naturally. Miss World ’13 Megan Lynn Young will complement Mr. Kong’s stance from the perspective of ‘who you do your hard work for.’ Both of them will have their respective TVCs. The two ‘viral’ videos will start airing over the weekend,” Gozon added.

Photo by Ed Ciby

Francis Kong at the Acer Play Space. Photo by Ed Ciby.

“I’ve always been inspired with Acer and technology. We must always be in constant motion and improvement! I am one of the most active persons in social media. In fact, I have my own app!

“Leadership is influence. With formal education, one can become a manager. Yet even without a title, you can still be an influencer!” enthused life coach and motivational guru Francis Kong.

“Leadership comes with the 5 Cs: competence, communication skills, consistency in actions, credibility, and character. In a book written by Jim Collins, top leader models share one quality: Humility! We must accept correction and feedback.

“Temperament will produce fear and intimidation but with self-control, you can turn it to inspiration. Persons are not designed to be alone. Never as lone rangers, but to be of service to others. It is a two-way street: To be accepted, and accept others in return!” Kong added.

The Aspire “S” series is comprised of the S3, the S5, and the S7, the brand’s flagship device as the world’s thinnest!

“Everything starts with aspiration so breathe that dream. With dreams come plans and, through the aspirational process, create ideas which in return result to workable actions. Skills must be honed. Once they get sharpened, you’re on the process of development.

“Leaders with technophobia cannot be leaders because technology is not a threat to business. Technology is a change catalyst so we need to change our behavior as well. Leaders  should upgrade/update for self-improvement. Age catches up with us all, and so does technology.

“To adapt to changes, there must be a platform of fluidity for change or evolution. Technology deals with emotion, which then speaks to the intellect to motivate and inspire. Nonetheless, even if you provide a multitude of tools, it is still up to a person whether he wants to learn or not.

“If I am not in this endeavor right now, I could have been a rock star or a multi-billionaire of a multinational company. But I’m happy with my chosen path.  Success is never static. You grab it, love it, then grab it again! To be in progress is to attain it still.

“Everything is a result of painful self-decisions and realizations. It is how you process all these and make them your life’s lessons that matters. You went through life’s obstacles and never quit. Then, you now pass these valuable lessons to others so they become strong as well.

“Consistency is important. What you do, despite disruptions in the past, to maintain your current position is crucial. And how you prepare for the future is equally important.

“The moment a student is ready, the teacher appears!” intoned Kong, at the close of our colloquy.