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Catching up with Joross Gamboa

I was among avid viewers of the now-defunct teleserye “Juan Happy Love Story.” I really liked Bob, actor Joross Gamboa’s character on the show. It allowed Joross to display his comedic flair.

I’ve known Joross for some time now and I understand why he was cast as Bob. They have a lot in common. Just like Bob, Joross can be makulit. He also has this aura of being mayabang.

All that said, Joross is quite likable. You would really want to have him around if you want to have fun.

I am happy that Joross continues to reap rewards for his hard work, having been recently tapped as contestant on GMA’s “Superstar Duets.”



No doubt, Joross is one lucky dude. To think that early this year, he went through a controversy involving a video gone viral supposedly of him doing what many deemed as inappropriate.

The video circulated at the worst time, with his wife Kat just giving birth to their baby Jace. Everybody thought the video would spell the end of their union. Kat, after all, is a scion of a well-to-do-family known for their political clout.

I tried to get hold of Joross at the height of the controversy but he did not answer my text messages and calls.

Just recently, I bumped into Joross and he was  ready to finally talk about it. He happily shared he and Kat are still together, maintaining, “We are still married and very much happy, thank you.”

Joross admitted the controversy pained him and his wife but they were able to overcome it by “surrendering every thing to the Lord.”

“We prayed a lot. We did not rely on our own strength but on God.”

The incident served as an eye-opener for the actor and he attested, “I now use the experience in my testimony, telling couples about the trial and how we triumphed over it.”

He also shared that he and his wife have become more active in church, joining groups like Married for Life and Metro World Child.

“I now try harder to be a good husband to Kat as well as a good father to Jace. I try my best to live my life according to scripture, sowing good things starting from my own home.”