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Ready for mystery?

I already wrote about this last year but it’s worth repeating now:  Whether it be some sort of ‘Indiana Jones’- like adventure or a ‘Harry Potter’- like fantasy trip, there’s everything for everyone at Mystery Manila.

Back then, organizers only had three Mystery Rooms to choose from. But with public demand comes growth and there are now nine more rooms in the other branches (three each in Makati, Libis and at Century Mall) bringing the total to 12.

The key is to solve the puzzle given in each room. Here’s a taste.

Enigma from the ‘Sinister Sensorium’ room

Enigma from the ‘Sinister Sensorium’ room



Archaeology Professor Jones is missing. He was searching for an artifact used by Queen Gilukhipa.

You will try to find out what happened to the professor. Along the way, you will find out there are other groups after the artifact and they will do whatever it takes to grab hold of it.



A group of spirit questors were tapped to solve the mystery of Rebecca’s disappearance. After a few hours investigating paranormal activities inside Rebecca’s room, the group thought they finally cracked the mystery. They didn’t. Rebecca’s suffering soul was still trapped inside the room. Now, you have an hour to find a way to keep Rebecca from killing your group.



As a trainee wizard, you and your friends are tasked to steal the magical time turner and stop Sidius from his evil master plan that will change the world of wizardry. To do this you must learn to mix potions, cast spells and solve magical puzzles.



You and your friends have been held captive by a psychopathic killer named Enigma. He has taken away one sense from each of you. It could be your sense of hearing or sight. It’s up to you to escape the room in 60 minutes using your remaining senses.



Days after your family moved in to a house, strange things started to happen. You discover these occurrences are being caused by a malevolent old doll, which your little sister, Debby, found inside the house. Because of these paranormal events, your family decided to move out. But the doll wouldn’t let you.

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